„Well, you and your hair…“, normally the sentence begins, when I talk about hair and haircare. I agree in principle and I’m lucky that I was richely blessed by nature, but this wonderful circumstance is only half of the truth. The other part is not less than important and this is the haircare. I firmly believe that health, shine and growth also depends on one’s caire and handling. I tried an experiment in the age of 16 with permanent waves – thanks God – only in the hair ends and got a real disaster. My hair turned into an ugly and broken blond salad and since then my joy on experimenting is aiming towards 0. From that time on I prefere following the suggestions of the hairdresser of my choice. First of all everything that concerns chemical treatment like haircolour and also the choice of products for my daily haircare. I do well with it. And because it happens that I’m asked about this item, I herewith give my honest and not payed answer: I use the products of Shu Uemura. I am very pleased with it and I believe my hair too ;-). As far as I know it’s a hairdressers exclusive product. In Frankfurt, by example you find it at my hairdresser, Schloberg GmbH on the Schweizer Straße (http://www.schloberg.de/).


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