Imagine: my first event of this kind! Heaven! I was excited when I found the invitation in my e-mail postbox and surely I wanted to be there. So on to Düsseldorf in the NRW forum, where the event took place on March, 18th 2017. In the entrance area a cocktail welcome drink, just behind the Photowall. Girls I was flashed! I had to grab the next photographer and take a picture of me. Next to the right was a buffet area with seating, on the left a large hall, in which the offerers had built their stands. In the middle of the area for the workshops. Big compliment and big thanks to BLOGGERPOINT, you have everything super professionally reared and organized. Even lunch was offered.  So for instance you have really thought of everything and let us bloggers do not miss anything.

The companies, which all held small goodie bags for us are also great. With each we could talk personally and the advantages were shown and explained. Kathrin has on her blog a total summary – don’t hesitate to take a look at her side.

I’d like to leave some more detailed infomation about the products I concentraded mostly on and to which I come back in the following weeks with special reports:

Bags of tikiwe.

Fine bags from Cork are made from tikiwe. Mrs. Kirchhoff, the founder of the label just started and convinced not only with her bags, but also with lhrer personal love for the bags and accessories which you can see in her eyes, when she talks about it. „No animal must die for it” she says and strokes delicately with her hands over the cork, that almost feels like leather. The material is durable also washable. Produced in Portugal, where the material „grows”, the sales runs now in Germany just on. The collection of bags and accessories is quite big. From very small up to quite large in many different colors ‘s – you find everything in the first collection. And what else could happen, I spontaniously felt in love with a gorgeous model with stitching in the way Chanel does. I suppose it will look very fine together with the right dresscode. And I will present it to you in one of the next shootings. The size of the bag 32 x26 X 12 cm, so a proper all – rounder and costs 149,- EUR. Absolutely ladylike is not only the price, but also the inner workings of all bags, simply most organized.


Cream-serum from calaverna.

50plus girls attention please! A new cream is on the market and that is really mega. It is a cream-serum, so 2 in 1 or even 3 in 1 because it is also suitable for the night. On Saturday I had the great honor to speak with the product developer and managing director of calaverna personally. Dr. Adomat has totally devoted herself to her subject and even given up a leadership position to do exactly what is important to her. Namely natural creams, which have exactly the ingredients, which according to skin type the desired effect achieve. A concentrated load of knowledge she brings along. She can explain everything and impresses me incredibly with her honest competence. „In order to save money, to leave out important ingredients, this does not exist with me”, she says, and she can explain all the reasons. In her – currently 4 different cream sera, 3 principles of action are used:
– plant extracts (plant serums)
– Isolated active ingredients (eg vitamins, hyaluronic acid)
– Vegetable oils
What is most suitable for the skin and for which skin you find here and a look at it is definitely worth it. With my skin tending to dryness, now I take the cream serum 01 since Saturday evening and I feel since months the first time that my skin is “supplied.” It just makes me feel good to aply the cream-serum. Keeping the best for last: I don‘t not know any cosmetics manufacturer so far where I can ask my questions directly to the product developer. Did you already talk to the product bosses of Lancome, Chanel or Clarins? I am very enthusiastic and will keep you up to date!

Deluxe tanning spray from Hala Schekar.

Hala Scheckar is actually known for the sugaring (hair removal with sugar paste) and eyelash fibers. New is the DeLuxe Natural Tanning Spray. And what can I betray, I also drove home from the sun kissed. How wonderful. The spray is simply sprayed on the skin and gives a fresh, slightly browned complexion which lasts about 5 days. All visitors, me included, were super excited about this new, great product. Since I was allowed to take a spray home and now only diligently practice and try out, I will tell you of my application sequences shortly … who just can’t wait can contact Dagmar Schwab right now!


Clothes dress you up and these clothes dress you up pretty. The2Style had some of the current collection to show and so I got an overview of material, fit and wear comfort. Especially the trousers all make a top figure and are super comfortable to wear. Great quality fabrics from predominantly European production. Look at the page, it’s definitely worth it. The >Skinny< in black was given to me as a present and will introduce the trousers to you soon. It is the classic classic trousers, which should not be missing in any wardrobe. The different variants follow!

Dr. Juchheim

Christine Laakmann is an independent consultant of Dr. Juchheim and presented mainly the Byebye cellulite effect cream. The effect, which adjusts itself in the shortest time is really WOW. Test persons were quickly found and so I could generate myself from the miracle result . If you want to learn more about the effect, please don’t hesitate to contact Christine Laakmann directly. I have agreed with her to test the lip booster because my lips really need to get a push and I’m already excited. Mandy Grace Capristo is sure it works!

Finally again a big praise to Bloggerpoint! All visitors even got a small rolling suitcase to bring all the goodies home comfortably. Great! So, dear bloggerpoint team – just carry on – and I’d love to come back again next time!

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