I certainly want to let you know about my weekly workout together with my Senior Personal Coach – today Indoor and focused on OSTEOPOROSIS!

You sureley question why my training focus particularly is based on Osteoporosis. Easy to explain: because I already suffered from two osteoporotic fractures of the fibulas in the age of 46! I’m a self-employed businesswoman since I was 26 years old and single mother on top. Easy to understand that up to that dramatic experience sport did not excist in my bio. Furthermore I often worked through the nights and didn’t pay attention to a normal and balance nutrition. As a gift from heaven I came to know my coach. „Bones need regularly enough movement – you ought to exercise your body“, said my Senior Personal Coach to me and we started an individual program for me together.

Now power plate is an important part of my training routine. The plate is really tough and 10 minutes on the plate can become hard work. Anyway I can feel all my muscles after the program and not only my bones are full of energy, also my connective tissue is thankful. Since I’m aware that body, mind and soul are directly in connection and really need to be brought in balance, a lot changed inside of me and gave new aspects and energy to my life. The holistic approach within well-balanced exercise and the improvement of my eating habits changed my whole life to the good. „All is one“, my coach likes to say. Which means, that everything in you needs to be in balance and harmony. Sounds difficult but it isn’t! Life is just great. Enjoy!


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Keeping the best for last: “hang out” with Mirjana / MIRYOGA holistic Personal Coach Concepts in the >clever fit< gym in Bad Vilbel!

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