Sun kissed! Finally, finally, time came to get our skin sun kissed again. The spring shows itself, fresh green sprouts everywhere. Magnolia blossoms delight our eye and the first warming sunrays increase our vitamin D budget and thus our well-being. Good mood comes in and we can take off our socks. It’s like a bit of liberation! Open shoes, lacquered toenails a wonderful sight! Not that wonderful are the “white stilts” and I mean my legs. Those, who have not spent the winter holidays in the Caribbean region or sunbath in the sun studio, share this “fatal” fate. In other countries, one would be a curiosity and do everything against the brown complexion, but here white legs are simply not chic. And honestly, my enthusiasm for it is also very limited. On the other hand, it is also clear that the skin is by no means conducive to exposing it to the sun, whether in the studio or outdoors. The dermatists certainly do not warn without reason and I have already had some experiences with me with sun and sunglasses. What to do? My solution is the DeLuxeSun tanning spray from Hala Schekar. It works great and simple. Simply spray on or apply with the glove and look like kissed by the sun. Now a few tips from me to the application.

1. Spray: This is the easiest way for me to work under the shower. For a uniformly nice result is a peeling before useful and no oily or creamy shower lot use. Dry the body as usual and remain in the shower. If you are completely dry, the tanning process can start. Spray the spray well and start to spray the first spray to the wall, then slowly and evenly over the skin. The optimal distance to the skin is about 30 cm, so that the fine brownish mist can spread well. The degree of tanning is controlled by the intensity of the spraying process.

2. Apply with the glove: The parts or parts of the body, which are badly reached during spraying, can be simply treated with the glove. Spray on the glove and then spread on the skin. To apply more tan simply repeat the process. Also here you should make sure that the color is distributed evenly, otherwise there are strips with more or less color. The glove is also great if you simply forget that a few parts of the body can quickly tolerate a bit of freshness, for example on arms or legs.

3. Brush: With the special brush, you can completely blind individual areas, for example, in the area of ​​the cleavage – this is something for real perfectionists!

My opinion: simply great!

In a store I have not found the product so far. You can only buy it in partner Cosmetic-Studios or you just order it online. A suitable peeling is for example in the shop pharmacy. You can also order the right care products in the online pharmacy or the sun protection that your skin needs in the sun especially after the winter months at the first sun baths.

Have fun with grooming with a healthy tan! I look forward to your experience reports and tanning results!

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