Exciting weeks and months are now behind me, in which I was busy with the new design of my blog. And finally, finally at this noon it was switched from old to new. Imagine, it was to me like it is with an old dress.  No more chic enough, too little feminine, too technical, too “normal”, too tight and a bit too little „WOW”. When I was the time quite bluntly and self-critically. The „old” design was neither really old nor bad, but it has developed and done very much since my blog went online on 07.07.2016. So much so that the urge to renew the „dress” was not to be braked. I wanted that from the bottom of my heart, and now it is there. It just came out like I am. Really handmade, worked out through nights with three people at my side making it possible. Mikko Hilgert for the part of design and Martin Linden for the new theme setting. I’m really so thankful. Last but not least also to my husband, who brought me through this time and without whose support my Project 50plus would not be possible. Thus it’s about a lot more than just fashion and beauty – it is also and especially about the currency of the generation 50plus that needs its value get improved.

Now of course I wish nothing more than that you like the new dress and that my blog is even more encouraging. Those of you who like my posts, can just leave a „click“ on the heart, that is placed under each post. Naturally comments are also very welcome! Unfortunately, I have not managed to change the existing with ….

I hope you forgive me my euphoria. But I find there must also be people who say what moves them, show the feelings and carry their visions on the tongue.


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