A slightly different travel report.

Destination: SENSIMAR MAKADI (Hurghada), Egypt

I think I am a child of desert, at least if there is something like prehistoric life. My heart is always open when I can see the endless expanse after 4.5 hours from the plane. The brown-beige of the ground paired with the steel blue of the sky and the dark blue sea. A look into the infinity of the world. Then get out and breathe the sun. This heat, the wind. I feel tenderly caressed. No cold feet now! I’m doing well.

A pre-booked taxi (My Driver Hurghada, perfect service) brings us down to Sensimar Makadi for about 20 EUR in the approx. 30 minutes. The so-called Madinat Makadi is a collection of hotels with tourist shops. Nothing else. Snorkeling and diving can be done, doing sports, sunbathing, chilling, bumbling, eating and drinking – every amount. No party zone, no shopping area. This is important to be known. The Sensimar concept is for >adults only<; enjoy  your time for two. For us to “get down” just right. And although we are more in the activity-individual tourist genre “, we come back again and again. The reaping has many advantages, especially humanly you may feel easy. And you know what you can expect. A room that you know and in which so to speak everything has its place. The housekeeping knows already that I always need a few temples more, 2 pillows to it and the somewhat thicker bed cover. And I know that the room tomorrow morning will be again clean when I come from my first sport activity. I’m looking forward to the first meal, especially because there is a real sense of rejoicing on both sides, and how nice it is when one of the many favorite waiters are >very happy< to serve a Cappuccino to me. This means holiday to me and I have arrived.
The hotel has a few really nice extras for regular guests, especially the romantic dinner on the beach or in the beach bar. Special is also that there are almost exclusively German guests and the guest service is also German. Kerstin, the guest relation Manager (TUI) does not leave anything to fulfill all your desires. You take the passion for her task immediately, and even more, you can always rely on her. Erika is the right hand of the hotel Manager and also takes care of the guests. Andrea and Mando are just doing the sports and animation program, as well as giving everything, always cheerful, always In the best mood. Participate in yoga, fitness, Zumba, water gymnastics etc. is an option and pure fitness pleasure but not an obligation. Just perfect to me.  Andrea is grown in the few days very much to the heart!

Enough enthuse about it. Now dip in the fascination of holiday and see the video clip.

Enjoy Sun, Heat and a vacation full of love.


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