With all my love for fashion and beauty, I don’t want to forget that the subject of >Women 50Plus< is much more than the art of showing ourselves of the most beautiful side. Life is not just „fashion week“. It is also about working on urgent issues and problems that the demographic development entails, especially for us women, the babyboomer generation is badly prepared for it, or in other words: We know very well that a tsunami is threatening with the pensioner wave, but we have no idea where it is going to get us, except the poverty of old age. Politics and the media still want to appease and say that of age poverty only a small part of the population in Germany will be affected.

But what does it mean, when in 2030 about 40 Mio. employees/workers have to pay the pensions for apx.  53,7 Mio. retirees? Nowadays 3 employees come up for 1 pensioner; in 2030 there will rest only 1,3 for 1. Offert solutions are the extension of the working life and the lowering of the pension level on then 43%. The effect on one’s own financial balance seems not to focused or even calculated. Only as example: with a net income before tax of 3.000 EUR per month, 43% after 45 years unclosed, constant deposit period is 1.290 EUR, also before tax. It is hard to believe that until then the prices for living and life do not rise and it is enough for everything we are doing now. So vacation, a car, food, drink, health, beauty, hobbies, to name just a few of the life costs.

To know (mathematics makes it possible and calculations exist) and nothing really sustainable to do is fundamentally negligent in my understanding of social responsibility, which our politicians also called elected representatives have. A person who acts as a private individual must make a number of important questions in the event of damage. For example, the extent to which it has lacked the necessary diligence or even the estimation of the scope of its own trade. An insurance company does not necessarily have to pay for the damage incurred. It is different in politics and the big business.

The Federal Association Initiative 50Plus is an independent representation of interests, which for many years has made it the task to finally face this and many other repressed problems. In doing so, the association goes beyond the “attention” and develops solutions and strategies. It is an important concern for me to actively shape this change and to convince many people that we urgently have to deal with the demographic problems of this time. As an ambassador, I would like to contribute my abilities and possibilities to actively participate in a healthy change without any power or party interests. Just because it ‘s a matter of concern for me to have a better “tomorrow”.

On my blog it remains fashionable, beautiful and joyful. At the same time it’ s important to me to dedicate my commitment to these important question in women ‘s “topage“ – the appointment as an ambassador is a wonderful opportunity to do so.  Those who are interested can follow my activities and publications on the pages of the Federal Association Initiative 50Plus and the online magazine >Bestzeit Plus< publishing all the facts and trends in the 50Plus demography and generation 50Plus.
I am very keen to say thank you to two people, Mr. Friedrich VI. Orth to Marburg (President) for the contact to the Federal Association and Mr. Uwe-Matthias Müller, the Board of Directors and the founder of the Federal Association Initiative 50Plus, for the possibility of participation and his tireless efforts.

Meine Mission neben dem Schönsein.
Is that the shower to many of us 2030?

Photo: Thorsten Zott
Photo in the post picture: Beatrix von Winterfeldt-Heuser


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