Admittedly: I’m the type for over bag, unambiguous. Sweating at the check in hoping to find 2 impressed eyes of the friendly employee on the desk chair behind the counter. A couple of kilos more can really cost a lot, depending on which airline you’ve chosen. When the lady at the counter after the look at the scale then winking, says: “I know…  then my world is again totally in order. We laugh at each other and everything is fine :-). Sometimes it comes out different :-(.
Now I really wanted to know, if this problem is to avoid by packing carefully, leaving away all superfluous pounds at home and pack light clothes. My 3-day trip to the Fashion Week in Berlin has almost pushed me on this challenge with 8 kilos of hand luggage and finally it saves a lot of time. I accepted the challenge and show now how I survived.

These are the specifications according to my research – about 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm (e.g. Lufthansa)


Here you can find further information and details of the airlines: 

See my video to get an impression!

Summarising my tips for you:


At Douglas for example, there are a number of products in 100 ml units (hand luggage!) and samples that are sufficient for 3 days are. If you have an electr. toothbrush, you can do without the charger, because a full battery is enough for this time. As a container I have added a super light cosmetic bag of> WIND BLOws RIVER FLOWSK. It is super light and really recommendable. So I really gave up on nothing and still had everything.

Clothing items

Summer is wonderful, since it gives us the opportunity to wear light dresses and you can save luggage and kilos considering this point. Jeans and jackets can easily be replaced without giving up a fashionable and stylish look. I always take with me a black trousers. This time I chose on of THE 2 STYLE, the Skinny 780, which can easily be combined for night and day. Furthermore I packed one pair of high heels and felt comfortable with my decision.


My choice is the hand luggage case of Samsonite from the series COSMOLITE. Rols and weight is perfect – definitly well chosen.

Happy ending and I wonder how fast I shaped into a smart packer. What are your experiences? My pleasure to read your comments!

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