Or: the bag for the handbag

As a committed pocket & handbag freak (I’m quite sure you read my Post about It-Bags?!), I found the pocket-handling action super annoying every time when I suddenly remembered that 2 minutes before leaving the house, it must be another bag. All the small utensils from A to B or maybe in C? Help, as the time runs away. The countdown is running, an appointment is waiting or maybe the husband in the car with a started engine. Only women can understand that. And of course, why it must be exactly this bag right now.

These are the small problems in the life of a woman, but also the required solutions.

An organizer for the handbag would be exactly the right thing, I thought. As a woman with a variety of bags of all sizes and for every occasion had already a solution at home. A small brown pocket of Goldpfeil has since been my basic equipment and is packed in wind ropes from A to B. For larger bags I have even a more comfortable solution, since I bought the GUM in spring this year. The bag included a black synthetic inner bag. It is super spacious and there are also very quickly a few additional utensils, such as wallet or others.

Tip of the month
GUM Handbag with Organizer inside


Tip of the month

No matter for which bag I decide – since my organizer idea it’s done in a minute and calms me down. Only the small bags I still have to plan, but this is easy to handle.

Tip of the month
Organizer for your handbags

Meantime I have found a pocket organizer in various colors and 3 sizes on Amazon. This bag for the bag is perhaps even better and also very inexpensive, but I have not tried it yet and I wonder if I’ll order size S. Just let me know, which experiences you had and I’d be glad to know your tip for the topagemodel-reader-community, which counts already more than 10.000 every month!

I’m looking forward to see, if you like my tip and I’m very proud to have you all on my blog!


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