Join me on my trip to Malta and the following Mediterranean cruise aboard Mein Schiff 2 along the Adriatic coast. The 1 week cruise starts vom Valetta and has it stopps  in Katakolon, Korfu City, Kotor and Dubrovnik.

Mein Schiff 2
TUI Cruise along the Adriatic Coast with Croatia


The island group consists of the 3 inhabited islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino, where more than 400,000 Maltese live The small size of the island results in a very high population density, which is reflected in an almost comprehensive development. The approximately 7,000 old history of Malta can be found in many places as well as the numerous influences of foreign rulers who occupied Malta until independence in 1964. Last but not least, The Maltese language, Malti, testimony to these numerous cultures from the long past. The starting point of our trip was Valetta and we leaved there at the Grand Hotel Excelsior Malta, a big building – not to much charming.

Malta & die Adria
Grand Hotel Excelsior, Valetta, Malta

Except the good location th 5stars hotel is overrated in my opinion. The service left at all corners and ends much to be desired. Nevertheless we reached the historic fortress town on foot and enjoyed very much a horse drawn carriage along the old city wall. The streets are narrow, the facades of the houses characterized by baroque architecture, almost all of yellowish stone with smallest balconies, which seem to be almost glued. It is nice to stroll through the old streets, to stop here and there, to absorb the Mediterranean lifestyle, to admire the splendid view of the bay from the Upper Barrakka Gardens (public park). We have eaten everywhere, in the evening preferred by the water, where the waves of the romanticism with the shallow wave, resonate. The prices are quite „Frankfurter“ level.

Malta & the Adriatic Coast.
Romantic Dinner at the waterfront

Malta and Gozo we then explored with a rental car and „hiu“, the left-hand drive has it in itself. On the first two days so many car-mirrors or even kerbstones on the left is dangerous and also during the parking, my husband had overlooked that the car on the left has the passenger side. Through my horrified cry, we happily came to a halt 1 cm in front of the rear fender of the parked car. In addition to our guardian angels, the Maltese People drive carefully and patiently knowing about the strangers problems with the left traffic. On the way to the north we just stopped, where we liked. Beautiful places are everywhere and the distances are not far. Mdina is particularly pretty also the road along the coast.

Malta & die Adria
Along the Coast of Gozo, Malta

Gozo is a bit more cozy, so there are fewer houses and less traffic. Most of the life is in Victoria, the largest city there. Beautifully decorated were the streets there and the small streets invite despite the many people to stay. A little quieter it is along the coast with often fabulous views.

Malta & die Andria
Victoria, Gozo

After 3 days we went in Valetta aboard the Mein Schiff 2 and started from there the Mediterranean cruise along the Adriatic coast.

Malta & die Adria
To the ship

Mein Schiff 2, Cruise: Malta & the Adriatic Coast with Croatia.

First stop was after a sea day Katakolon at the gates Olympias. There the first Olympic games took place in 776 BC and to this day, the Olympic fire in Olympia is being ignited before the Games begin. Katakolon itself is with 500 inhabitants a very sympathetic small harbor. The alleyways and shops are lovingly made, and you are almost frightened if you imagine the human squadron which Katakolon is overburdening everytime a cruise ship lands.

Malta & die Adria
Katakolon, Greece

Stop is in Corfu, more precisely Corfu town. The green of the island sting immediately, olive trees as far as the eye reaches Also many cypresses and eucalyptus trees – however, without koala bears. The island past has left a magical mix of styles. Greek Ottoman influences, Venetian buildings, a pinch of Paris and the splendid colonial style of the English are reflected in architecture. Not to mention Sissi’s holiday palace, the Achilleion, in which she must had wonderful times. A trip over the island is worthwhile to admire the many beauties and to enjoy from above the fantastic view of the Ionian Sea and the upstream Mäuseinsel and the upstream Monastery Vlacherna (no longer in operation).

Malta & die Adria
Mäuseinsel, Corfu

To Montenegro, the 3rd stop, the path leads through the southernmost fjord of Europe, past steep rock faces. From the more than 2,000 year old idyllic natural harbor (which is why the thick pot can not be laid directly there and a tender service for the landing is necessary), the medieval old town with its Roman and Byzantine traces can be explored very well, behind the city wall The first view of the classical clock tower from the Renaissance is taken. Between Romanesque churches and Venetian palaces there are small quaint cafes inviting you to linger.

Malta & die Adria
Clock tower from the Renaissance, Montenegro
Malta & die Adria

The last stop, Dubrovnik is an extraordinarily picturesque harbor town. You can walk around it on its 25-meter-high city wall (payable) and stroll through the old town in the many beautiful alleyways, the beauty of the old palaces is a bit tarnished by the incredible amount of tourists. Approximately 40.000 come every day. We left it with a small tour and went back in the early afternoon with the shuttle bus to the ship to enjoy the sun on the deck. After a further, very relaxed, sun-filled day of the sea we landed safely at our starting point, Valetta.

Malta & di Adria
auf Deck der Mein Schiff 2

The beautiful impressions of the trip I have prepared for you in the following video with a picture book collection. 2 minutes of summer and sun along the Adriatic coast. Have fun and enjoy!


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