Apart from the fact that you have to be very fast for booking, you do not have to be a cruise fan or an so called „Lindianer“ to become an enthusiastic „Rockliner“. I write from my own experience and get the impression it’s a lot more than music concerts, cruise pleasures, and country trips.To go on board is like going to another world, it’s got a little bit of „looking what happens beyond the horizon“ to say in Udo’s words.

Udo Lindenberg @ Rockliner
Looking beyond the horizon…

An unspoken atmosphere of his spirit of peace, freedom, “to be yourself” & a large portion of coolness spill like a wave over all directly into the ship full of people who couldn’t be more different.  Be like you are and no one is bothered by it. An image of the colorful multi-kulturi republic of Germany, as Udo sings about it.

Udo Lindenberg @Rockliner
Just be as you are

When the thinker and bridge builder Udo talks and sings when the ship leaves the habour, all are there. 2000 people close to dense who do not want to miss a syllable and no sound. He is a philanthropist and enjoys visibly “his” panic family. He first touches as a man, then as a musician. A few moments later, the stage is filled with his panic orchestra and the unbraked joy to rock out is present. The deck trembles. After 3 songs, they retreat. But the enthusiasm and the gloomy mood remains.

Udo Lindenberg @ Rockliner
The “Panic-Orchestra” while leaving the habour

On board, Udo is omnipresent. His songs, his creations, his pictures.

Udo Lindenberg @Rockliner
The Painter Udo Lindenberg

Who’s interested can dive into the Udo world and learn more of the human being Udo and understand what moves him and what he fights for. I believe the sentence >he fights for a better world<, sums it up well. He does not boast about his achievements, he just makes it one of us, because: one must do the job. He loves the limelight for his music and the spectacular stage shows, not for his great commitment as a “good“ man and pacifist. The Udo Lindenberg Foundation also includes young writers and musicians apart from the mainstream; Activities and social-humanitarian projects. Udo is not just a musician and painter. First of all a man of action. And what he does, he does wholeheartedly passionate, from the deepest conviction. That doesn’t work without taking risks. A lot of it he took, his own limits sought, found sometimes with at least one leg standing at the abyss and then again land found. He does not lick these wounds, he speaks openly and honestly, because it is just a part of his Bio. As an optimist, he was looking to be lucky enough to get the turn in time. Fortunately!

He walks modestly and gratefully, at the same time full of vigor, passion and with plans for the future. Nor does he seem to waste any thought of reducing his activities. On the contrary. His coolness and his very own way of articulating thoughts may sometimes distract. Udo Lindenberg, the creative peace maker and utopian goes his own way without intention for plan „B“. He just goes for his thoughts and things. In his songs he sings songs about it. You just have to read his texts. Then everything is clear and not only on the ‚Andrea Doria‘ …

But also on the Rockliner and among the panic experts. A ship that never sleeps. The crowd is celebrating and enjoying almost around the clock. The desire for life and music simply does not go out. The community of fantastic (up-and-coming) artists does theirs with countless live performances inside and outside. Stars and artists to touch rarely one is so close to them. The highlight is definitely one of the three concerts that Udo and his panic orchestra on board. A volcanic eruption. Music & stage show of the finest in a small circle. Udo knows how to break walls and to inspire. You can’t go to sleep right after the concert –  the ‚music-push‘ and the overwhelming impressions are simply to strong.

Udo Lindenberg @Rockliner
Udo in Concert
Udo Lindenberg @Rockliner
Udo with his Crew in Concert

The crowd of panic experts is an average of 50Plus and not a bit tired, same like Udo: in best age! And a bit mischievously he tells of his many female fans, who are faithful to him over the decades and he says: they are still quite „crunchy and delicious”. And he also reveals the recipe for this: “Panic is the best fresh foil”!

Udo Lindenberg @Rockliner
Udo Lindenberg

My suggestion: The world needs more, Lindi’s!



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