From time to time looking like a star, getting dressed up like in a high gloss magazine and holding pictures in the hands, that bring out pages from you from which even your BFF still knows nothing about – this is gorgeous and I love these moments!
… Of course I’m talking about a professional photo-shoot 😊

Douglas offers such photo events regularly. You just fix a date in your Douglas store and come in your favorite outfit. You choose your glam make-up  and it will be made by professionals (no Hairstyling).

Subsequently your going right in front of the camera. The co-operation partner for the Douglas Photo-Shooting are the photographers of STUDIOline PHOTOGRAPHY, which already have prepared  the set. Light and colors are perfectly arranged. With accessories such as eyeglasses and hats, you can be presented in different ways. Also waving hair that looks quite spectacularly in magazins can also be done. In other words: nearly everthing is possible and the photographer knows excatly how to get excellents results. Also with posings you’re getting support. Finally you get really perfect photos.

Ins rechte Licht gerückt.


After the shooting you choose your favorites directly from the screen and take away as many as you want. Or simply all on CD. Further details and prices you find here.

Ins rechte Licht gerückt.

Ins rechte Licht gerückt

If you are looking for the very special and if you’re ready to come to Frankfurt am Main, I have an INSIDER TIP for you: Beatrix of Winterfeldt-Heuser of my fashionary – with whom I did a number of shootings, prepares actually two different sets fot the photo event. One is in front of the Wyndham Grand, the other one on the rooftop of the design hotel. Normally nobody gets the permission to get onto the roof, but Beatrix knows how to make the impossible possible. The dreamlike skyline of Frankfurt could not be better  to capture dream shots of you.
Of course a professional make-up and the Hairstyling belongs to the program.

Drinks & Food, Flashlight and Fashion (about 10 designers present their collections in the lobby) …
an unforgettable highlight is waiting for you!

When:          25. and 26. November 2017
Where:        Wyndham Grand, Frankfurt am Main
So best to reserve or register and get more info (Beatrix 0172-3530067).

Two examples of the rooftop-shooting:

Dress to Impress

Dress to Impress

If you ask me, I find those photos keeping them just for yourself a lot too valueable. Except showing them to familiy and friends you can get a serveral wonderful presents out of them and chrismas time is coming soon…. You can easily prepare a great picture book for your honey or a calendar fort he new your for your parents for example. There are lots of other opportunities to give these wonderful memories a remaining place. It’s quickly done – and in case you need some small photo-corrections – also this is instantly made.

What is more beautiful to give?!

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