Without my make-up I feel a bit like naked – or undressed – do you feel the same? And I can tell you, not only my wardrobe holds a large range ready over the years also the cosmetic closet accommodates a no less smaller selection for the face. I believe it is not different in your home. 😊

Brushing and painting at least is also for the soul. Thus the face becomes as beautiful as the outfit it needs— exactly:  the right BRUSH!

When I came to talk with Brigitta Behrends about her brush assortment, her eyes began to shine.
They get all produced in a small manufactory. Real handmade. The hairs are bundled, shaped, fixed and then inserted into the holder. Afterwards, a special adhesive is applied from behind to keep the hair permanently. After the “putty” has hardened, the brushes have to be „cleaned out“. In case hair is too long or in the wrong direction is carefully plucked out and loose hair combed out. Only very experienced and reliable brushmakers can do this process. Irregularly shaped brush heads that differ from the specifications are already sorted out here. I’ve never thought it’s such an extensive work. And now I know these brushes are real objects of art and I keep them with a completely new appreciation in my hand.

The details for the right application:

Step 1

Lass leuchten Girls!
P9 Make-up & Cover Brush


After applying your face care use the Make-up & Cover Brush to apply your make-up. Start from the middle of the face with light strokes outwards.  If you need more cover, for example in cas of redness or eye shadows you can add “Angels Cover” by Brigitta Behrends. Please apply in the same way.



 Step 2

Lasst leuchten Girls
P2 Powder Brush

The face is now to be powdered with the loose powder of Brigitta Behrends. Take the oval powder brush and go out again from the center of the face. In a few minutes makeup and powder blend together. You can feel the process with the back of your hand. As soon as it’s tried and your makeup
„suits“ you can sweep over again with your hands until you feel good. Now the base is ready!


Step 3

Lasst leuchten Girls
P1 Rouge Brush

The rouge let your face shine bright and healthy. Within this step you put on the light in your face.

Choose 2 colors of rouge, one lighter and one darker color for your contouring. The line up from your eye helps you with the point. Start right on your „apple cheeks“ and brush with the rouge brush right along your cheekbone with the diagonal crafted rouge brush. The more pressure you give on your brush the more intense the color will be.


Kiss Baby

Lass leuchten Girls
P10 Lip Brush

As soon as lines come up to your mouth and the contour gets less proper, it’s getting more and more important to give a perfect contour with the lip stick. Herefore you can easily use the lip brush. It will help you to apply the lip stick precisely and long lasting. You just need a steady hand and you will succeed. Apply, take a paper tissue between your lips and repeat the procedere – this will last!
Kisses for you 😊!



Now only the brushes for the eyes are left. All about the eye-brushes you’ll find in the next post!

If you have any questions left, just look and see the step by step tutorials of Brigitta Behrends.

Lasst leuchten Girls
Brigitta B. Behrends – Make-up 50Plus

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