Well, in 2012 this metier wasn’t completly new to me, because as a result of my former sports-career I already as a student enhanced my pocketmoney with modeljobs and as trade fair hostess.

Upon completion of university, I directly started professional work life, seeking for an  equivalent  international career similar as in ice and rollerskating. This meant a 50-hour week including frequent flyer status and work abroad (Mexico). Again, it was the way I wanted it to be but in my opinion everything has a limited timeframe and that’s okay … you must be able to let things run and give life new impulces from time to time. For this purpose, it might be helpful to jump out of the hamsterwheel in order to get a clearer view from outside to recognize what is eventually missing.
First the duty, then the pleasure. Well, you could also say I vasted some of my best days in an  office. Not at all, because a comprehensive education and the very different job positions have shaped me in a variety of ways.
After four years of work with the American Forces and 12 years in international  pharma- management, in the age of 41 I finally switched into a self-employment job as legal professional guardian, also called procurator for mentally or physically handicapped adults. Despite this responsible and sometimes exhausting task, quite soon I realized that something was missing: mainly internationality but also a kind of „artistic platform“, all in all the creative side of life.

The current trend to promote certain target-group products by bestager-models just came right.

Although the advertising industry always tries to profit from the target group 50Plus, the selected Performers (often gray hair colored not natural) mostly are not older than 40 or the photos were reprocessed by photo-shop. No matter if it is about incontinence diapers, supposedly dry skin or detention cream.

The actors scenery for 50Plus candidates seems to be wide and substantial, but for the truely 50-plus models payjobs are rather rare. Similar to young trainees, industry and agencies like to focus on retirees, but preferably as gratis statists, according to the motto: they are already glad to be involved and being part of the game; nobody will certainly expect or require any money.
I ask for understanding that I like to stand away from this group of clients and colleagues, because I am definitly not working without payment or at least a resonable expence allowance. For me, this is a question of mutual appreciation, because what one gets for free falls in value. In other words: Show selfrespect, you are worth it.

Just recently, I was booked for four fashion-shows in Darmstadt, whereby the fashion store had  explicitely asked for three seniors models (20% of the catwalk-team). The collections presented were the same for all models. Bravo – no fashionable off or siding for us.

The wheel does not have to be reinvented in order to allow both sides to benefit from each other in a healthy mix. More about it in due time.

However, a nice side-effect might be that modelling helps me as a reason to easier keep a minimum of discipline, whether it is to keep up with the time spirit or to live a healthy way of life. Well, you may also call it time for yourself.

As an American model actress once stated: when I am not working, I am busy with the maintenance of body and soul. You can smile about this phrase, but on the other hand cameras and audience can be merciless.
No, with 50Plus you do not have to function on “all cylinders” ervery day. With encreasing age to focus on individual strength and importance to me seems the best recipe. Thanks god, modelling is not a desk job that can be done with half the concentration and a coffee cup in the hand. Here you need to be fit on command, sometimes for hours.
In addition travel and preparation time should not be underestimated, as there is not always a stylist with a selection of clothes on site; then it is my turn to fill and pull the suitcase, etc.
For me, it is always pleasant when the best of all the husbands (married with Jan for 31 years) is my companion. Often, however, there is an opportunity for joint activities along the road lateron.

Spending the days relaxed without appointments and makeup does mot mean to neglect yourself. Action, not reaction; decide actively not being dominated by suboptimal mainstreams. Therefore try to stay lively and create your own style – simply be yourself, be a topagemodel …

Ich bekomme Verstärkung
Model Life

For more photos you may click the following link: http://www.model-kartei.de/sedcards/model/382181/jantra/



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