How to describe it?  … the hairdresser often gives your ego a new kick in life. Well, what seems to be alright on one day, might turn into a no-go the next day and a hairdressing appointment is urgently requested.

As soon as the hairdresser starts working, I always keep an eye on the progress despite previous discussions. Rarely I do immerse myself in a magazine when my Olga from Siberia rotates around me and starts cutting. Furthermore I am not able to start reading, because at least one highlight foil is always located right next to my ear where I would need to place my glasses, otherwise taking the risk of blurring or plagues.  In addition, Olga often tells very interesting stories from her home and is always happy to talk with her youngest customer !
And honestly, I can not understand clients who finally look up after hours of work on their heads and then persitantly exclaim to have never wanted the hair this way.

Anyway, three years ago when I got the offer to introduce myself to famous trademark Paul Mitchell as a hair model, I wanted to take that chance. What should go wrong, if colour and cut are previously discussed. Just a new look !!
And if you have to part from some hair, then at a big hairstyle show under the hands of a star coiffeur in the Frankfurter Festhalle as part of the Hairstyles World Cup.

The election was positive, not least because some of the younger model-competitiors   obviously did not really care about their hairquality; out-grown hairlines and gray-yellow spliced hair is not what the casting team was looking for.
After a brief conversation with charming Angus Mitchell (successor of his father, the company founder) about his life on Hawaii, his master stylist/ global styling artist Robert Cromeans (who runs salons in San Diego and Las Vegas) appears on the scenery wearing sunglasses and a scottish plaid, not talking about his crazy shoes. He walks down the line, touches my hair and mumbles something like “bjutifuuul” (sympathic English-Scottish accent). And so, I’m not just a candidate for the show, but selected even for two different styles. First a layer look, then an asymmetrical blond-chocolat short cut in the neck. Well, it is always assured that nothing happens, what you do not want … and without any doubt the team-members are so friendly and motivated.

But, there is one point I had completely overlooked: on a stage show in front of many hundreds of people you have no mirror in front of you to follow and control the pattern, because you need to smile into the crowd and communicate with the Maestro.
So the show takes its way in a great atmosphere with live commentaries via headset and it quickly becomes clear that I am the oldest candidate the Mitchell team ever had on stage. The audience acknowledges this statement with an extra applause.

It follows the second passage and I’m already swirled around on the revolvingchair, some braids were weaved  right and left as to explain a new cutting technique … and then it suddenly  feels cool in the neck. The unmistakable sign, that the scissors has just struck, obviously there were  different views of chin length. Too late, there is no turning point anymore, always continue smiling. And click-clack, Cromeans works extremely fast, the new trendy style is ready and the next Hawaiian dancers appear on the stage.

Under the cheers of the spectators a final group photo is quickly taken before the caravan moves on …the show must go on.

Behind the stage my first wish is to look into a mirror…..and the result makes me happy … an ever young and actual style ….


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