Face sprays have been introduced to me some time ago. It must have been one of the long air travel that seduced me. The experience was good and continues today. In the dry air in the plane, it is a real treat to refresh yourself from the outside. I still experience disbelieving stares sometimes, but I can only say who once experienced it would not want to miss the feeling any more. And do not worry, the complete make-up is completely undamaged. Applying the spray with sufficient distance is like a fine mist that moisturises the skin and retracts in no time. Meanwhile, I always have it in my handbag and use it in dry rooms or just when I feel like it. Through cosmeterie I recently got to know the moisturizing spray PURE SKIN FOOD and I am thrilled. The special feature of this spray is its multiple function. It’s toner and spray in one. If you spray it in the morning after cleaning, there is not only a slightly cooling freshness kick, but also smoothes the skin noticeably. It absorbs super fast and just does it well. Also for the day it is best suited. Thumbs up, a great product and maybe a great idea for your best friend!

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Advantages for your skin:

• 100% certified bio cosmetic: only cold pressed oiles and plant-based essences are used
• 100% vegan & not tested on laborated animals
• Without any alcohol, palmoil, emulsifiers, preservatives and synthetic ingridients

Toning Moisturiser: Lavanda Angustifolia Flower Water* (Lavendel-Hydrolat), Cistus Lladaniferus Flower Water* (Zistus-Hydrolat), Linalool**.

* 100% of controlled biolocical growing

** natural Ingridients of ethereal oils


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