Passing by the impressive showroom window, I had often noticed the fancy individual pieces, when I became aware of a casting announcement for catalog models right at this address – and this in my immediate environment.

Too good to be true, but would the fashion house also hire a 50plus-model?
I dared and would not be able to write the story if it had not worked out. In addition, I had the privilege to even shoot two collections (winter and summer) in a duo with a young professional colleague and representing the master pieces at two fashion shows.

Well, what distinguishes Grenz-Fashion with its headquarter in Speyer and branches in Überlingen and Düsseldorf?

For me it is: fitting comfort, material quality, cut, possibility of combination as well as the own studio, and everything – also the production – is Made in Germany. Showroom and studio are in the same house and so adaptions can be done very quickly.In exceptions, even on any fit, no matter if it requires a very large or very small size.

Since 1999, two complete collections have been created each year, which, even if an entire team is now “behind it”, unmistakably bear the signature of company founder Gudrun Grenz.

My visit backstage: Gudrun Grenz lends a hand with passion

Yes, the small group of employees is really a team that can create everything from one source. As far as I can tell on event days it masters every hurdle, no matter how long it takes – in front of and behind the stage.

In the studio teamwork is the major issue

However, besides all fun and enthusiasm: catalog shootings and fashion shows are  exhausting, there is a very limited time frame and all parties in front of and behind the camera (photographer and media designer is the son Marco, co-owner and successor of the German label) have to provide an 6-8 hours demand of maximum concentration. In concrete terms, this means changing clothes up to 50 times, “trying out” new variations and accessories all the time, and presenting the style in ever new fresh poses. However, GUDRUN GRENZ fashion is a question of lifestyle and always suitable. Accordingly as a model you do not have to put on that bloodless neutral look, you can show the outfits simply the way you feel – I loved that spontaneous creative moments.

My former 2015 catalog shooting

Aber nun genug geredet, wer mehr über diese individuelle Mode erfahren will kann dies auf Facebook oder unter

Oder einfach dran bleiben, denn hier zeige ich die aktuellen Trends. Schön, mal wieder hinter die Kulissen schauen zu können …..

Just my style: marbled wool felt
Gudrun Grenz winter collection 2017

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