“A different way of foot care, without blades and abrasive material?

Our little helpers kiss your feet as long as they want.

The result are wonderfully soft and well-groomed feet. “

Halloween is long over, but I wanted to verify this advertising promise and finally made an appointment at the next fish spa.

Erlebnispediküre im Fish SpaThe atmosphere is quite pleasant, because the sound of the softly bubbling blue pools is immediately relaxing.

Erlebnis-Pediküre im Fish-SpaBut what about hygiene?

The friendly store team explains that every 8 minutes the freshwater is filtered 8 times respectively disinfected via an UV filter.

In addition, the feet are cleaned before the spa treatment under running water and should not be creamed for 24 hours.

Erblebnis-Pediküre im Fish SpaFor safety, you should also have no wounds or open skin.

Now it is time to take a seat and slowly stretch the feet into 29 degrees warm water. Seating is very comfortable with backrest on a raised sofa.

Erlebnis Pediküre im Fish SpaImmediately the 50 little Garra Rufas swarm to the soles and get to work. One part seems to prefer the heels, others tend to prefer the toe spaces or the nail bed area.

Watching them is fascinating and the contact feels somehow vibrantly similar to a gentle massage – at least to me no hint of tickling. The feeling may vary a bit with the size of the fish, these were only  6 -8 months old.

Erlebnis-Pediküre im Fish Spa
Beastly, no, rather tenderly elegant, the small fish, which are between 4 and 8 cm tall, whirlyly scrounge and scrape through. Of course they are no vegetarians, they prefer to eat dead skin cells. This also promotes blood circulation and stimulates the regeneration of new skin cells. Nature remains a mirracle ……

Home of the Garra Rufa species is for example the area around Konja in Turkey, but for the local spa, farmed fish is used.

Erlebnis-Pediküre im Fish SpaSo .. be spontaneous and just try it yourself. Incidentally, the “little piranhas” like men’s feet as well and specially as a couple or in a group of friends, the nibbling is truely fun and care.


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