Who does not know them, the secret seducers? No matter if you think of choco-cookies, perfumes or jewelry.

One sort of seducers, however, is completely harmless to the figure and purse, because they are already sleeping in every closet; they only want to be awakened and properly emphasized. Either protective and functional or decorative: the speech is from scarves and silk cloths.

It is not just about the classic (neck)scarf, you can also tie them to necklaces, bags and fashionable bracelets, even as sexy pareo-tops or belts. And of course you may loop them into the hair at the next “Bad-Hair-Day”!

There are no limits to the style and color mix.

If you are inspired by the playful knots, rosettes and loops and would like to try it yourself, here are a few instructions. Have lots of fun with it !

Absolutely in trend are elegant combinable scarf and jewelery combinations with identical design. The motifs are usually borrowed from Art Nouveau or great painters such as Monet, Hundertwasser or Klimt.

The most common formats are:

Size XS: Men Pocket Square 44×44 cm

Size S: Bandana 55×55 cm

Size M: Carré 90×90 cm or 110×110 cm

Size L: cloth 140×140 cm

Size XL: Pareo 140×20 cm

Scarfs are known in all cultures and serve for different purposes since centuries.

Incidentally, the scarf came known and fashionable as part of male clothing at the time of Louis XIV. It was made of fine, white, for the bourgeoisie also of colored or black cloth and tied under the chin, with the pleated and lace-covered lobes falling down to the chest.
At the time of the French Revolution, the scarves grew up to the chin and were worn one on top of the other with a tendency to the upright collar of the shirt, around 1830 also in the form of black stiff neckbands. After all, the scarf was usually made of a single band and replaced by ties or bow ties.

Scarves and silk cloths are also often part of uniforms and apart from slings they can also be the characteristic of a group affiliation, such as the Boy Scouts.

So, go on a stalk, sort out your cloth and scarf fund – you’ll be amazed. My tip: why not even combine a cap or knitted hat with a small scarf around- and it will be the eye-catcher.

And at the same time try out the latest make-up trend: two-tone lips!

In this sense, be twined around and embraced!


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