It would be a misbelief to assume that somebody in the late 50s feels fit after exhausting workouts on the following day or shows daily endurance. In addition, there are the usual orthopedic signs of wear and tear, regardless if you are a sportsfreak  or an activity muffle. And as many of us certainly know, physiotherapy alone can not work miracles – no matter how hard you practise. So, wouldn’t it make sense to try a nutritional supplement?

At the latest, when you realize that regeneration age-related lasts longer and longer, mostly because of reduced formation of endogenous substances, the desire for compensation arises. Sure, you can ask friends about their experiences, but I often prefer to form my own opinion  and, after all, why not having my own feel-good respectively fitness secret.

But which components are important, and how to counteract further deterioration? In any case, on amino acids, as these form the basis of all endogeneous processes  and are indispensable for a well-functioning metabolism. That ensures  optimal transport and storage of all nutrients (like  water, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals  and vitamins). If this endogenous system is disturbed, it can lead to obesity, increased cholesterol, diabetes, insomnia or arthritis, etc. Incidentally, this also applies to hair loss or wrinkles.
Hyaluron and collagen are currently on everyone’s lips. Not just in the cosmetics sector, but also by orthopedists. In addition, substances such as glucosamine (sulphate) (see clinical studies regarding osteoarthritis) and chondrine / chondroitin are important for “synovial fluid” as well as the elasticity of ligaments and tendons.  The same applies to other cartilage and bone-active micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Orthomol Packs and Gla

But is this really noticeably and if so, are the substance concentrations high enough to really help? … and what about application and compliance?
After a short research I decided for a 2 x 4-week package of ORTHOMOL Arthroplus.
This is a two-component product: primarily a granule to be stirred into water, on the other hand two Omega3 fat-acid-capsules. The daily intake of pleasantly orange-tasting powder in my case replaced the daily glass of juice and was always well tolerated before and after meals (caution: when using mineral water, the powder foams quite strong, so stir rather slowly and successively , and also tolerates  more than 0.2 ml of liquid).

When a sufficiently noticeable, sustainable enrichment effect develops in the body is, of course, difficult to say without medical analysis and depends on individual circumstances. For joint diseases such as cartilage degeneration certainly only after several weeks of  ingestion. According to the manufacturer, a long-term intake is accordingly indicated. But after about 2 weeks, I was somehow physically inspired. I felt fit and wanted to exercise. My back pain (L4 / L5 disc area) during prolonged sitting has improved, other “construction sites” still demand attention.
By the way: my husband has also tasted the product with few results according to body flexibility.  That doesn‘t mean he is running on “8-cylinders” now, but on an increased agility level.  In general, the hair and fingernails seemed to grow faster, an opportunity to better compensate structure damages and allows the assumption of an accelerated cell renewal.

Of course, there is always a lack of direct comparison, because often – apart from a general subjective feeling – other factors such as weather or daily requirements play a role.

with 50 plus a crisp age
with 50 plus a crisp age

Orthomol Arthroplus is only one product in a wide range of products (including a vegan version) with different applications and is available in many countries. Yes, ORTHOMOL has its price, but product safety is guaranteed because the drug is only available in pharmacies. If you want to know more about Orthomol, you may do so at:

I will continue testing this and other products and report again on occasion.

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