Sometimes the world gets crazy and you do not have to copy everything. But there are still variants of winter sports, which are not only exciting to look at, but certainly worth a try.

Of course, everyone knows biathlon (cross-country skiing and small-caliber shooting 50 m distance) and you know that there is curling (country of origin Scotland) in addition to traditional eisstockschießen. From my own experience, I know that especially the sensitive sliding and placing of the curling stone (granite) with a large sidestep and the target-aiming broom-wiping is even hard for me as a good iceskater. Biathlon (for example in Ruhpolding, Reit im Winkl or Kössen) works much better and I love the clicking of the discs when hit.

You know the different types of skijoring (= Skikjøring country of origin Norway)? A skier can be pulled on a rope by a horse (with or without a rider), a sled dog or a motor vehicle.
I already had the chance to watch jöring-races on horseback in St. Moritz and when I finally had the opportunity to try it myself, I was not surprised by the speed, but rather that the galloping horse in front riddled quite large chunks that hit my body unexpected (be sure to wear ski-goggles). Gentlemen be careful …
If you harness one or two dogs in front of you, then you use mostly cross-country skis and depending on terrain and snow conditions you may be pulled or run with the dogs in the same rhythmic speed (usually in the so called skating technique). If you put a motor vehicle in front, this is usually for practice purposes. This is often the case when the mashers exercise wight shifting and cornering with new dogsleds.

In addition to Snowmobil, Squad and Segway you can nowadays also drive a so called Ziesel (small rubber tracked vehicle), e.g. in Kühtai or Bad Wildbad.

Ice Speedway, which is a motocross ride on snow or ice, is best seen around an ice rink (for example in Inzell). The extreme cornering due to spiked tires is breathtaking and does not always go well. Attention: using earplugs might be suitable, because the noise of the machines in a hall is incredible.

Not much quieter, but less dangerous is driving an Icekart. With some sense of driving, you can quickly get the feeling for driftings as well as over-/ understeering in the curves – really great fun (for example, in Les Sepey / CH near Villars or Montreux).

Not far away – also in Switzerland – you may try ice climbing with the help of an experienced guide and also sculpture carving. The ice-scraper is relatively easy to handle, but don’t overestimate your three-dimensional imagination when starting to chop. What’s gone is gone ….
Well, the diverse spectrum continues: you can e.g. paddle down the slope in a kayak or slide down a snowdrift in a kind of swimming tire (snow tubing). The whole thing is also possible with an airboard or in a dinghy, which is especially popular for groups. Basically: the higher the ballast/ body weight, the higher the speed.

If you are not afraid of the wind, go for ice sailing (eg Lac de Joux / Swiss Jura) or ice/ snowkiting. When kiting, it is mainly to learn handling the paraglider, which was quite difficult in dizzy wind as we had at Lake Daubensee (Wallis) despite an altitude of 2,200 m.

If in doubt, just go for ice diving which opens up a complete new world. However, this is nothing for claustrophobics, because in an emergency there is only one – maximum two – ice holes to exit.
Speed you can also experience with a taxi-bob (for example in Berchtesgaden/ Königsee) – the longest minute of my life. Sure you don’t have to do anything, but you should pay attention to your cervical spine due to enormous centrifugal forces (a speed of 80 – 120 km/ hour converts to 4-times your body weight).

As regards watersliding and spectacular Crashed Ice (= icehockey downhill) I preferred to watch.

You mean none of the above suggestions including a sleigh ride suits your needs … but you still want to feel the cold and go up high? Then visit one of the worldwide existing ice hotels (for example Jukkasjärvi / FIN) or

simply book a short tour with a snow groomer (for example in Aurach; starting  from the Bichlalm in the direction of Stockkogel) like the tourers (by ski or racket) do.

Wintertime is here or will come again !  No matter how and where:  Have lot’s of fun ……..


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