Unexpected things just happen. I always wanted to experience a bodypainting session, knowing that I am not getting any younger.
First of all, this is a matter of confidence and depends on the abilities of the artist. During a holiday at the Baltic Sea in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, I accidentally noticed an exhibited calendar of a local painter whose sample book really impressed me. In addition, she had a photographer on hand, who had his studio just next door. It’s now or never ….

When choosing the motif two days prior the appointment, it was important to me to realize a design that was typically me. So, what would be more appropriate than my favorite elements ice and snow reflecting the complete aurora of all blue tones. In reference to the Nordic sagas with its  elves and trolls, real quickly the idea of ​​an antler made from natural  branches and deco-perls was born, which gave my “Eve costume” a certain touch and later provided some nice reflactions of light.
Such a construct of course  has to be properly fixed on the head and the weight of about 3.5 kg should be well balanced when posing.

Yes, such a session wants to be prepared and equipped, because  the artist was “at work” for more than three hours without even a complicated pattern being applied. A large part simply consisted of blue priming from the spray pistol. The room, however, should be well temperated, because the body cools down quickly. On the other hand, a warming of the skin should also be avoided, even worse perspiration in order to not blur the colours. The same applies of course to the body position; it means no sitting down or leaning against something and almost no eating or drinking.

When Carmen finally starts the first shot, the spray feels cool; the airbrush pistol glides along the body quickly and all concerns disappear after a short time. You no longer feel naked, as the color covers the body like a second skin and – no worries – ingeniously balances bumps. With some music and a good conversation time flies by. I always keep an eye on the mirror, while the painter now starts lining filigree stars and curves with the brush. Carefully dabbing the appropriate spots and  almost an Aboriginee pattern arisis.


Unlike a firm tattoo, bodypainting is transitory body art that can only be remembered in a picture. During the shooting, the perfect light setting ensures that light and shadow fall on the body either provocatively bright or mysteriously dark. A fog machine and fans are valuable effect transmitters.

Regarding the motives there are no limits and the best of the guild compete each year at a kind of World Championship, the “World Bodypainting Festival”. Basically, special skin-compatible water-based paints are used; partly also food coloring. There are also fluorescent colors that are suitable for UV / blacklight paintings.
Not to be underestimated should be the washing up / removing of the body paint. If you have no shower on site (including various old towels or sponges) you should definitely pull over old washable clothes, otherwise the car or each seat needs an intensive cleaning afterwards.

Conclusion: It was a five hours fully concentrated work, but certainly worthwhile.
This time, of course, it should have been a strictly private event. Four weeks after completion, however, I received a surprise call from the photographer, asking me to use one of the photos for his new annual calendar: namely the motif “Ice Fee of the Dark ” for the month of December.   … WOW ….


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