Petra: Why I became a Bestage-Model.

Well, in 2012 this metier wasn’t completly new to me, because as a result of my former sports-career I already as a student enhanced my pocketmoney with modeljobs and as trade fair hostess. Upon completion of university, I directly started professional work life, seeking for an  equivalent  international career similar…

Eyes on YOU!

As the headline makes you almost guess, this review is about the brushes for a perfect eye makeup. It is one thing to have the whole “raw material” at home, another, to apply colors and shape safely and quickly.

Shining bright – GIRLS!

Without my make-up I feel a bit like naked – or undressed – do you feel the same? And I can tell you, not only my wardrobe holds a large range ready over the years also the cosmetic closet accommodates a no less smaller selection for the face. I believe it is not different in your home. 😊


Ponchos –

the perfect “Add on” in these days. It can rather replace the jacket or you can wear it over your jacket to get more warmth. A several ponchos I show you in the following video.

We love: SCARVES!

The fashion fall just turns out to meet us in all the magazins with its fall fashion for shoes and cozy outfits. The colors 2017 are colorful as the autumn itself. Ocher, berry to brown and a hunting green like the forest lead the golden season. The style-favorits are rather…

Put’n in the right light!

From time to time looking like a star, getting dressed up like in a high gloss magazine and holding pictures in the hands, that bring out pages from you from which even your BFF still knows nothing about – this is gorgeous and I love these moments!