Eyes on YOU!

As the headline makes you almost guess, this review is about the brushes for a perfect eye makeup. It is one thing to have the whole “raw material” at home, another, to apply colors and shape safely and quickly.

Shining bright – GIRLS!

Without my make-up I feel a bit like naked – or undressed – do you feel the same? And I can tell you, not only my wardrobe holds a large range ready over the years also the cosmetic closet accommodates a no less smaller selection for the face. I believe it is not different in your home. 😊

Put’n in the right light!

From time to time looking like a star, getting dressed up like in a high gloss magazine and holding pictures in the hands, that bring out pages from you from which even your BFF still knows nothing about – this is gorgeous and I love these moments!

Can Cosmetic thighten the skin?!

In the over-offer of the anti-aging cosmetic market which all promise us a face full of youth, the question arises as to whether and when cosmetics can really help, and if so, why  can creams actually tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles?

Frame and Contouring.

Right, the terms are assigned to their origin according to the painting and I find that meets the point. To do the make up is very related to the painting and sometimes I say to my husband jokingly: Treasure, I’m just going to draw me a face now. “Then he…

Sun kissed.

Sun kissed! Finally, finally, time came to get our skin sun kissed again. The spring shows itself, fresh green sprouts everywhere. Magnolia blossoms delight our eye and the first warming sunrays increase our vitamin D budget and thus our well-being. Good mood comes in and we can take off our…

Brand new Make-up 50plus!

It’s about us >TOP AGER< and our Make-up. Brigitta Behrends has succeeded in developing a make-up specifically for the more mature skin. It makes you rosy, conjures freshness in your face, feels gently like silk and really creates a photofinish. With photofinish I mean, that the viewer can actually see…

Naturally YOU.

I put all my energy in care! Handmade artifical beauty with scalpel, injections, tapes that pull sunken cheeks towards the ears, lips like daisy doesn’t mean very much to me. I’ve passed more than 50 years of live and this is allowed to be seen. I love me for who…