Creative seducers!

Who does not know them, the secret seducers? No matter if you think of choco-cookies, perfumes or jewelry. One sort of seducers, however, is completely harmless to the figure and purse, because they are already sleeping in every closet; they only want to be awakened and properly emphasized. Either protective…

Naughty, wild and wonderful!

Why should not every woman get the best out of herself? I do not have a single reason not to do it! But: whoever thinks you know, may write to me immediately! Of course, everyone is allowed to decide for themselves what they most like to wear. On certain occasions…


Ponchos –

the perfect “Add on” in these days. It can rather replace the jacket or you can wear it over your jacket to get more warmth. A several ponchos I show you in the following video.

We love: SCARVES!

The fashion fall just turns out to meet us in all the magazins with its fall fashion for shoes and cozy outfits. The colors 2017 are colorful as the autumn itself. Ocher, berry to brown and a hunting green like the forest lead the golden season. The style-favorits are rather…