Regardless of age, well-groomed hands / feet, a radiant skin teint and healthy teeth are without question the cornerstones of well-being and an attractive appearance. In other words, the best  fashionable styling is useless, when neglected teeth disturb the first impression just like dirty shoes with run down heels.
It is never too late and even models or celebrities on a closer look, often owe their perfect teeth either fotoshop or dental treatments than nature.

Nevertheless, from the middle of the 40’s onwards, I – non-smoker but  strong “brusher”-  noticed how tooth discolorations became more and more obvious and adherent. At first I tried to deal with this circumstance only with professional teeth cleaning, but I quickly realized that while hygiene was alright, the optical problem remained: more and more gray-yellow and partly transparent teeth.

That changed quite fast when I started to use BIOREPAIR two years ago. As a promotion-critical consumer, I was pleasantly surprised to have already achieved a visible effect after 14 days. The “successive overpouring of artificial enamel” as of today really seemed to work. Don’t worry, it does not matter if you use a different toothpaste for some days when traveling or due to other circumstances.

Some time ago when I found the supplementary product “BIOREPAIR Zahnmilch” (Tooth Milk) and BIOREPAIR Plus on the shelf, as a former employee of a pharmaceutical company I finally wanted to  understand more of its mode of action.

Although our enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, it does lose its power over time by chewing, brushing and acidic foods. In consequence the enamel surface becomes porous with the result that the teeth become more sensitive and unappealing.

The advantage of a conditioner like “Zahnmilch” (paraben-free as well as micro- / nano-plastic-free) versus a toothpaste is that it easily makes its way anywhere in the mouth, thus providing even more lasting antibacterial protection against bad breath and gums problems.

Like the toothpaste, the white gelatinous liquid (similar in consistency to a light yoghurt drink, when stiring a bit spoomy) contains regenerating artificial calcium and zinc carbonate hydroxylapatite enamel that attaches to the tooth surface and seals off small surface defects. The teeth therefore appear whiter – without any aggressive bleeching. Most importantly, it contains lactoferrin (which deprives bacteria of its nutrient iron) and hyaluron, which provides a moisture balance not only to the skin but also in the mouth respectively the oral mucosa. Apart from that human spittle is considered as an important barrier against bacteria and caries. The dry mouth feeling which is often occuring in the menopause or as a drug side effect is somewhat damped, which is personally important to me.

As far as I know BIOREPAIR is also available in a “veggy form” and in case of special sensitive conditions even without menthol aroma.
If necessary you’ll certainly find further (clinical) information on the company homepage or other dental websites. For product orders you may also contact the online shop of Dr. Wolff under the link:

By the way, the company Dr. Wolff (which also provides the brands Alpecin, Plantur, Linola and Vagisan) also offers a dental care alternative called KAREX, which in addition to zinc and xylitol also contains the active ingredient hydroxylapatite.
Incidentally, both products do not contain fluoride. The discussion about whether a good toothpaste must contain this substance, l will leave to the dispute of scientists.

If you are looking for a compromise or you have an individual dental pre-disposition, you may simply continue to use the toothpaste of your choice and, in favor of even whiter teeth, you may complement your dental care by using BIOREPAIR Zahnmilch (fluid) after your regular tooth brushing.

For me, the BIOREPAIR concept works because my dentist regularly confirms that I have neither caries nor exposed tooth necks and healthy gums. And I confirm smoother, whiter teeth.

And finally, a hearty laugh is just part of the life ….


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