Horse mare’s milk is an old proven healing food. For hundreds of years it has been used prophylactically as well as therapeutically in medicine. Due to its special composition (low-fat milk  similar to breast milk), mare’s milk is very versatile.

After all, according to history books  the Egyptian Queen  Cleopatra already took bathes in donkey and mare’s milk to nourish her skin and hair and preserve her beauty.

How is mare’s milk extracted and how can it be used?
From the second month (milking stop with approx 8 months), the foal begins to eat hay, grass and grain, so you can start pumping off the excess milk. A mare gives about 15 liters of milk a day while the foal drinks approx. 12 liters, so the remaining amount can be used for medical and cosmetic purposes.  Mare’s milk is extremely sensitive in processing and storage and therefore quickly perishable. By pulverizing the mare’s milk, it is preserved without losing the unique effect, and it is easier to process into cosmetics.

As regards the medical indications, mare’s milk can be used to cure neurodermatitis, liver cirrhosis, intestinal disorders, multiple sclerosis, immunodeficiency, dandruff, allergies, herpes and hypertension, etc. Although I have only tried cosmetic products from the Töchterlehof , I would like to give the following general information:
According to medical studies, herpes vesicles  can disappear within 3-4 days after applying mare’s milk ointment. In case of atopic dermatitis, which is usually caused by hypersensitive reaction of the immune system to certain substances, mare’s milk is healing by strengthening the immune system. The treatment of Psoriasis is similar, a combination of mare’s milk drink and mare’s milk ointment being indicated for several months.

Often the transition from health to cosmetics is fluent, as in case of dry skin. Here, mare’s baths have a moisturizing and smoothing effect on the (itchy) skin; ideally supplemented by rubs with mares body milk.


The cleansing milk I tried also contains a high concentration of organic mare’s milk and is enriched with jojoba oil. It gently and thoroughly cleans the skin from make-up and skin soiling.  Thanks to the pleasant consistency, it can be applied well and is very adequate; despite some citrus ingredients its smell is neutral.
In addition I like to treat myself with the relaxing fragrance of  a rose garden . The facial water with rose water clarifies, cleanses and soothes, as expected by a high-quality product.

What works on the skin also strengthens and protects the hair.
The duo of mare’s shampoo and conditionere  maintains the hair with apple extract and sunflower oil. The hair becomes a silky touch and is easier to comb. The scalp is calmed, the hair strengthened. Although I usually use a conditioner after shampooning to smoothen my dry hair, this was not really necessary. After a simple hair wash, my hair looked clean and well-groomed. Therefore the product should be suitable for any hair type and is relatively economical in use.

Organic mare’s milk soap has a calming, regenerating and soothing effect on sensitive skin. Due to the power of the mare’s milk and the combination of natural and nutrient-rich vegetable oils, it moisturizes and protects the skin barrier.
When applied, a fine foam of smaller and larger bubbles appears, which delicately lays on the skin and immediately spreads a noticeably pleasant feeling. The hands feel like freshly creamed and the feeling remains, even after drying. They look  smooth as fresh like after a cream bath. A great hand care by just washing the hands.
To what extent the added „Rostock essences“ (esotericism is not my world) really  support the natural effect of the ingredients, is hard to proof.. As far as the scent is concerned, it already smells “very naturally milky”. For me as a “non-allergic” a little more of  subtle scent would be more pleasant; maybe a suggestion for a new variant.
However, I like to use the mare’s milk soap (100g) in the elegant organza bag as a small gift.
By the way: In order to properly store natural soaps dry and to increase their shelf life, only air-permeable soap dishes should be used.

By the way, there is still the consumption moment. The tenderly melting  organic mare’s milk chocolate has a new design!
The following four flavors are offered: apple  (covered by white chocolate), lavender jelly, nougat cream and rum cream. These are made with love in the chocolate factory Felber in Birkfeld. The organic mare’s milk refines these chocolates to a true pleasure trip. The enamel looks like a praline, but the lavender gelee filling – for my taste – is a bit too solid and dominant, consequently rather a winter product  which goes well with (hot) wine besides regular coffee and tea.

The mare’s assortment of the Töchterlehof meantime is so diverse that it’s hard to decide what to try first.  Just click here for a product overwiew:

For further information:

Certainly the products have a higher price range, but they are regional (120 years of family tradition), original (from  own production) and of course natural (organic certificate)

If you have any specific questions you might also contact
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Finally, not only the property of the Töchterlehof, but also the entire region  with its enchanting hilly landscape near the Styrian capital Graz is worth a journey in every season … a festival of senses and balm for the soul.


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