As soon as the sun comes out, most of us like to wear open shoes, show more of skin and hair and are open for a new look.
Spontaneously, I decided for a foot milk, a cooling face mask, as well as a  pastel colour spray and a hyaluron spray for the hair.
Show your feet, and then your shoes’ …. Shoe fashion should be left out this time, but foot care is a central (summer) topic for me.

Well-groomed feet – like hands and nails – are simply a „ must“ and of course there are various  shaping and grooming kits available. Despite of creaming, especially bales and heels often look porous or ugly yellowish-white soon again. The reason for this is chapped, keratinized skin on heavily used areas – often caused by high heels  or strappy shoes. Also athlete, wanderers and dance feet are affected above average.
According to medical research, a horn skin reduction cream should provide a lasting relief. Peel-off or urea-containing  products are one option, but I rather prefer a combination of linoleic acid and nourishing lipids.

Linoleic acid is a double unsaturated fatty acid that stabilizes the structure of the skin and the structure of cell membranes. In a healthy skin, about 20 percent of linoleic acid is found in the fatty acids that occur naturally. An intact skin has a natural protective barrier against external influences and dehydration. Linoleic acid helps to strengthen the natural skin barrier and reduces the loss of moisture. Linoleic acid has also been found to be effective in sensitive or inflammatory dry skin, e.g. eczema or psoriasis (no burning on open, inflamed areas).

I have never tried a similar product before. However, already after 5-6 applications you can feel a higher suppleness and regeneration especially at the critical points (also on rough elbows). When sweeping, you believe to feel a delicate film.
The neutral – somewhat “medically” – smelling white milk has a pleasant, not too liquid consistency, absorbs quickly and, according to the manufacturer, also reduces  skin-damaging germs. Especially the latter can be important after visiting a public swimming pool or makes sense when shoes are frequently worn barefooted.

In order to gain a durable effect, a twice- a- day application seems to be meaningful.

More about LINOLA FOOD MILK can be found at:


Now from the bottom, to the top.

The sun and even more salt water strain the hair and in particular dry the tips extremely. After swimming you often go out  with friends and the due hair cure or rinse can only be applied later. Therefore I was looking for an instant product I can always have on hand. The handy HYALURON SPRAY 2.0 with extract of prickly pear (and many other ingredients, unfortunately not silicone-free) is simply applied into the damp hair by a pump spray (10-20 shots depending on hair length) while a light massage towards the tips could be reasonable. After drying the hair it smells delicately flowery and you can be sure to look perfectly maintained, because it treats brittle hair and makes it look healthier and smooth again. Nevertheless it feels strong and yet completely jaunty. Furthermore, the mikro fine soluble spray protects against styling damage caused by overheating.

Hyaluron and panthenol simply are all-rounders.
In addition to a shampoo, there is a whole Hyaluron Series 2.0 and is also available as a travel set.   Link:


Now I wanted to go one step further and create an up-to-date color touch into my hair.

Instead of a covering color layer like “Haarkreide” I wanted to change my own hair color by a gentle tone. Blond, blonder …. PASTEL SPRAY “ice-blond” by Alcina. The application is fast and easy to use, as it does not require washing after spraying. In principle, much helps a lot, which means the result becomes more intense.

However, you should be aware that an optimal effect is achieved with light hair. Since I currently have a hazelnut tone, the effect was less visible and I should rather have chosen the color alternatives “coral-rose” or “sandy-brown” (great color range).

In the case of the color “Ice-blond” the purple-blue, watery pump spray – similar to a silver shampoo – neutralizes yellowish reflexes, which may arise just in dyed hair or strands after some time. Using the pastell spray, the trendy cool “summer blond” stays longer and refreshes the hair shine. This should also work with grey hair, but I wasn’t able to test it.

As a double effect the hair is supplied with moisture and the combability improved (contains panthenol).

… ATTENTION, PLEASE:  Alcina has provided me an extra ice-blond spray as give-away to the first applicant. Just click on “contact” and leave us a message. Good  luck!

You’ll find further product contests directy on the websites from Alcina, Linola and Dr. Wolff Group.


The best comes last, namely the great grapefruit scented SKIN ICE MASK. The extremely rich hydro-gel makes addictive and you want to apply the orange looking emulsion everywhere. Thinner application or massaging results in a slightly pearly grip, reminiscent of a sorbet. It has a pleasant cooling effect without being minty, which is very beneficial and regenerating, especially after prolonged sunbathing.

Simply an ideal mix of care and wellbeing – as if you’re putting on a cool pack.
Do not worry if you fall asleep with it over night. The gel absorbs quickly, does not stain (colorless) and can be easily washed / removed the next morning without clogging the pores or the like.
I could not make out a special ingredient (including urea); simply a great interaction with components. Incidentally, the “ice-gel” is not only very adequate in use, its fruity smell  surprises day by day and keeps active until to the end.
As far as I know , it is suitable for all skin types and should also work on men’s skin. With EURO 15.- for 150 ml a reasonable price-performance ratio to pamper yourself.
According to the internet, it is a limited summer edition … so time to hurry up …

Available in varoius Online-Shops or directly via the official manufacturer shop at:

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