Although many people track their activity and pace, they often neglect their blood pressure. However, regular monitoring is important for the prevention of hypertension and further related  diseases.
As a former competitive athlete, I measure on a regularly basis  when my body gives the appropriate signals. It is important to know your body and to „listen to  him“, in doubt a question of  „to be or not to be“.
Under stress and during sports, each body has its own parameters. Thanks to measurement, I know that my blood pressure and heart rate rises – even in a well-trained status – relatively quickly, but also regenerates in an above average time and levels off to „normal“. And as a hobby biathlete, I can assure you that the so-called “sewing machine” really exists when shooting, i. E. with a very high heart rate (far over 100 beats per minute), one often has a calmer hand and better aiming ability than with a medium heart rate, when the whole body is shaking or vibrates.

With the ActiveScanTM 9 and the iCheck® 7, Braun has developed two comfortable blood pressure measuring devices in a sporty-chic design that make it easy to integrate blood pressure measurements – via the color display and the Healthy Heart App – into daily life. So you can always keep an eye on your heart health and know what you should be aware of in case of doubt (for example cardiac arrhythmia or morning hypertension).
The relatively handsome gadget (weight 600 g) should also be a faithful companion when traveling. If  problems arise, the stored measured values ​​can be accessed anytime, anywhere and can be shared  with others, e.g. a physician.

With some digital knowledge, handling and using the unit is easy, as the steps are well described in the attached brochures (Quick Start Guide and Function Manual). Once you have set date and time, enter the users name (several separate memory slots possible), confirm entry with the push of the button and the LCD display jumps into the start modus. Connect the two parts together, put the cuff (adjustable stranglehold) tight and place it approx. two centimeters above the elbow. Then sit down, put your arm in a relaxed position and press the blue heart by the touch sensor. Three, two one …. here we go.
In contrast to my wrist device, the pressure builds-up rather slow; the resulting noise is not a hum but rather a slight clacking.
Incidentally, batteries are included, but a power adapter is not. The transport box to me appears  a bit bulky.

Well, each additional measurement builds up my individual blood pressure profile. So far I’ve tried only some features like getting the averages, but the build-in technique has more options, such as a Healthy Heart app and Bluetooth pairing with a smartphone or laptop. In my opinion the unit would just be perfect, if there would be a wireless connection between cuff and display instead of the blue hose. They are probabally working on it….

To discover all technical possibilities, you should definitely read the information booklet carefully; then the handing routine comes on its own – similar to a mobile phone.

Upper arm blood pressure devices with PC interface are generally a bit more expensive and cost from EURO 100.- onwards. However, by transferring the data, these can be graphically displayed or tabulated.

Control measurements:  If you have a sensitive blood pressure and you want to be sure about your correct application (including proper calibration), you can do the practice test. This means the measured values ​​are compared with a professional measurement at the doctor. For this purpose, the blood pressure is measured twice with each device and an average value is formed. Then it is measured twice with a medical professional instrument from the doctor’s office (the entire procedure is  checked by the doctor). I’ll try this during my next annual checkup .
Currently I have compared upper arm with wrist measurement. The average data with the Braun ActivScan 9 (upper arm) was  8% lower, but 7% higher in case of my husband. Interesting, isn’t it?

CONCLUSION: Handling is easy and convenient. The brace of the upper arm cuff can be put on and opened by simply squeezing it. The soft gray-blue inlet feels pleasant on the skin and the gentle pressure build-up ensures measuring comfort.
The ActivScan ™ 9 is a comfortable upper arm sphygmomanometer that color codes the results from green (all okay) to red, so you can see the health status of your heart at a glance (even without glasses). The customizable cuff is equipped with a so-called soft inflate technology and thus allows easy and comfortable donning around the upper arm.

If you do not know your blood pressure yet, you should talk to your physician about it and / or just give the ActivScan ™ 9 a try. It can be purchased in specialized shops or ordered online by various traders. For example:

By the way, many generations before us have already dealt with the important topic. Already in  1896, the Italian pediatrician Riva-Rocci developed the precursor of today’s measuring method from the outside.
In 1905, the Russian military doctor S. Korotkov improved the method by using a stethoscope to additionally hear the typical arterial sounds of the blood during the measurement.
In 1968, for the first time, a fully automatic sphygmomanometer was used as a precursor to modern 24-hour blood pressure equipment in clinical practice. Since 1976, there are small, easy-to-use electronic self-measuring units, with which one can measure his blood pressure without a doctor (since 1989 on the index finger, since 1992 by wrist cuff).

Thanks to these inventors and the technical progress – my heart, what else matters?


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