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Omega 3 fatty acids are among the most important nutrients of our time. Research shows that Omega 3 can help to preserve a normal heart function, normalize blood pressure, lower cholesterol (triclycerides), boost the immune system, and even support a normal eyesight.
It thus contributes significantly to cardiovascular health, brain function, stress management … and much more!
As regards sports, it may promote fat loss and hold up muscle loss.

Recommended as dietary supplement – according to my recherche –  is a daily dose of 650 mg DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), whereby no side effects or interactions with other nutrients are known.

In all media Q 10 is omni-present as the anti-aging agent par excellence. But the natural (co-) enzyme is much more than just a remedy for wrinkles. It is indispensable for supplying our cells with energy and our immune system. In addition it delays the aging process of the skin and can even increase fat burning. A real allround talent.

Generally spoken: “healthy cells means health”. In every human cell, energy from food is transformed into body power. This happens in the mitochondria, the small power plants of the cells. The coenzyme Q10 is an essential component respectively biocatalyst and plays an important role in all metabolic processes in the human organism. However, the production of the body’s own Q10 decreases sharply with increasing age, unhealthy lifestyle (such as alcohol or nicotine consume) or extreme burden, and some compensation is indicated.
As a dietary supplement, it doesn’t only rejuvenates the skin, but also contributes to the health of the entire body.  Q10 works best where it should be: in the muscles, the connective tissue and, according to medical studies, in the cardiovascular system.

As popular as the summer season might be, I often feel exhausted. Heat as well as UV radiation, less sleep and vacation travel stress etc. are adding up and leave traces after some time.

I should, I could, … I start now.  When I recently saw a car driving by with the FitLine logo, I decided for revitalization by inside regeneration – vacation for my body. And why searching in the distance, when a sound solution is so close?

Since many years the company has its production site at my place of residence, while the head office meantime is based in Schengen / LUX where PM-International administers marketing and sales (exclusively through independent sales partners) according to the motto: fitness, beauty and well-being.

Without further hesitation, I checked the Internet and came across a diverse range of highly potent nutritional supplements.

Yes, the products are in a higher price level, but that’s worth my body. After all, it is my only one and deserves optimal care. And for sure I am not wasting any money on exotic Asian goods available at dumping price.

As starting point I ordered the FitLine Optimal-Set consisting of Powercocktail (in the morning) and Restorate (in the evening). For sustainable cell regeneration, I chosed the 3-month ration in the flavor “Exotic” (prickly pear, alternatively citrus).

However, the above table shown in German language for example states that cells in the small intestine regenerate within 2 days, but skin cells require 2-4 weeks; the gastric mucosa needs about 1 week and red blood cells even 4 months.



As a supplement, I decided for “Munogen” (B-complex) and “HeartDuo” (Omega 3 and Q 10) because they seemed to suit particularly my needs.


Proteins, ie amino acids, are an important component for our muscles. In addition, insufficient protein intake may adversely affect the maintenance of bone mass, which steadily decreases with age.

Since whey-drinks are not my cup of tea, why not trying a practical protein bar in mint flavor … in other words  a “power snack” for en route?

As a meal replacement bar I could choose the tastes Berry Crunch, Spicy Slim and (White) Coco Slim – with or without white chocolate coating – a clever solution during summer time.

Actually I am not tempted to buy each and everything, but then I saw the offer of a” yogurt maker “(creamy or  as a drink), I became somehow curious. The dairy product obviously is fortified with four types of lactic acid bacteria (B -4), but I don’t want to reveal more at this point.


THE FITLINE EXTRA:  as far as I know most of the products work on basis of the patented, so-called NTC concept. This exclusive nutrient transportation concept obviously delivers the nutrients exactly where they are needed – namely at the cellular level, from inside to outside.
Of course, all products are TÜV tested, part of the “Cologne List” and are manufactured according to pharmaceutical industry standard. In other words: security is guaranteed.

Incidentally, FitLine and PM International also have a CosmeticLine. More about it possibly on another occasion.

However, if you want to take a look right now, you will find the corresponding information under:

As a former professional figure skater, inline instructor and hobby biathlete, I am always interested in the overall concept that a company pursues, the environment it acts, which projects are promoted, or athletes supported.
1.000 athletes in more than 50 kind of sports to me is an impressive number. Among them are rising talents, such as the Swedish brothers Nordebäck (figure skating) and Victoria Carl (biathlon), but also real champions. Like the winter athletes Anja Schneiderheinze (bob-sleigh), Nico Ihle (speed skating), Konstantin Schad (snowboard), national coach Wolfi Maier (alpine skis), and Carolin Schäfer (athletics, congratulation to yesterdays EC-bronze-medal) to name only a few.
Although I have no pharmacological studies on hand, so many sportsmen cannot be wrong. Of course I don’t know exactly what kind of FitLine-products they consume.

At “Stiftung Warentest”, I could not find any information about FitLine products.

Of course there are no guarantees for a long and successful life, but it’s worth a try. Meantime much is known about the medical context, why not using this knowledge for individual health maintenance and achievement.
So, striving for nutritional optimization only as amateur and competitive athlete? Certainly not, because after all, daily life permanently demands finding the right balance between job, family and leisure time – a true marathon challenge.

I would like to report on the application and experiences of the aforementioned products in one of my next blogs …  FitLine simply calls it “Experience results”.


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