The “Golden Twenties” refer to Germany between 1924 and 1929. The term determines the economic recovery in the 1920s in many industrialized countries and also stands for a heyday of German art, culture and science. “A dance on the volcano”, in this spirit between start-up optimism or crash, everything was allowed. Fashionably, the women freed themselves from the corset and the skirt slipped to knee height. Especially courageous women – such as Marlene Dietrich – even wore men’s pants. Songs and musical shows like the “Blue Angel” became popular and everybody who could afford it was in party and dating mood.

Fringes, long chains and cigarette holders were an absolute must and the originally disreputable Charleston became the ballroom dance of the 20th century. It is named after the port city of Charleston in South Carolina.

Josephine Baker swung her “banana hips” and burlesque performances were IN. The women applied lush decorative makeup, preferrably smokey eyes.

Therefore the ALCINA parcel just arrived in the right moment. Tonight I’m invited to a 20-century- party a la “Babylon Berlin” and not only the outfit, but also the makeup has to be adequate.

To get prepared for an intensive make-up, I always start about an hour before with the generous application of an eye balm. Its rich texture with shea butter and a water binding substance keeps the sensitive eye area resilient and acts as a perfect make-up base while improving the moisture content of the skin.

The same way I take care of facial parts around nose, mouth and lips. In this case I really agree with the name and slogan of the product. In fact “It’s never too late” to start with anti-wrinkle care. The oppulent creamy balm contains important vitamin E as an antioxidant (but also parabens). A few points around the eye area are enough, then pat in gently and pass.

For the first time, I’m testing a 3-piece set of makeup sticks, which are suitable as foundation, for contouring and tinting fluids. The pack contains two colors that you can blend very well with the handsome oval rubber sponge, depending on the skin type. With the smaller part of the sponge you can easily reach difficult areas around the nostrils and also work exactly along the lip line.

If necessary, you can repeat the application of the creamy layers until everything is perfectly covered to your content. The cover layer never looks unnatural compact, always remains skin typical and is therefore also suitable as a quick touch-up for the day.

Finally a third extra highlighter-stick as finishing shine on the cheeks. Caution: do not spread the shiny layer too close to the eye area, as the reflection will make the wrinkles more prominent again. If you wear a large neckline, you can also distribute it as a wow effect on the décolleté … and of course wherever you want ….

Time is running and I have to continue with the eye makeup. Just as the “little black dress” is indispensable for the wardrobe, expressive “Smokey-Eyes” are always in fashion. In order to make sure that the application succeeds perfectly, the eyeshadow-set also includes a super soft blender brush for a gentle color transition.

One palette – many looks, all of which can be combined. You can choose from a range of six-colors with a predominantly matt textures:

Moonlight, an ivory tone

Creamy beige, a warm beige tone

Energy, a red-brown tone

Smokey Gray, a smoky silver tone

Stardust, a taupe tone

Metal Gray, a metallic gray-green tone

I chose a combination of “Energy” and “Metal Gray”. By the way, I always prefer to draw the eyeliner first so that it can be well integrated respectively perfectly blended. In my opinion “Moonlight” is not only suitable as a highlight under the eyebrows, but also as a conclusion or optical brightener along forehead and nasolabial folds to minimize wrinkle reflecting shadows.

Now a sound portion of mascara and the wonderful adhesive ALCINA lip gloss. Then it’s time to get my hair done. I implement some curly false hair into the donut-knot back of the head, pluck and arrange a little here and there, add the tassel cord around the head, jump into my Charleston-Marlene look aaannnd …. done. Here we go.

The house party evening was really enjoyable and successful. Despite snacks, drinks, dance performances and Dadaism-special, the entire makeup didn’t show “signs of fatigue” until 01.00 clock at night. Nothing was smudged, no unpleasant deposits in the rinkles.  Great!   Have a look ..…..

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