All necessary gifts are “in the bag”, relevant duties checked off and also the “refrigerator marathon” is completed? Bravo, then treat yourself nicely and allow for a break before the festive days get started.

Enjoy a hot bath for your skin and soul! With the right recipe and additives, you can take care of dry winter skin and warm your heart!

Just mix of 1-2 big spoons (or more) mare’s milk with a spoon of St. Johns herb oil in a glass. Alternatively, you can also use goat’s milk, cream or whey. If you wish, refine the bath additive with 3-5 drops of choice of essential oil, e.g. Lemon balm. My insider tip for the winter skin: essential (frank)incense oil.

Then put the mixture into 37 °/ 38 ° C warm water and relax for about 15-20 minutes. Then wrap and rest (best to preheat the towel or bathrobe). Finally perhaps apply a bit of the wonderful “Rosecream”.

With honored Christmas greetings from the Töchterlehof team:

The Christmas day, I no longer schedule apointments, instead I use it to “come down”. For example, to blow my own Annual glass globe on a Christmas market or go for a (forest) walk  with deer feeding – to me pure relaxation. This silence, you can hear your blood pounding, you feel yourself.

When I’m near Salzburg, I like to visit Gut Aiderbichl (a home for tortured and old animals) or any animal shelter.

The beautifully located property has opened on 24th December until 16.00. Two years ago, I took over the sponsorship for a small donkey called “Marie”, which meantime looks very adult.

A nice alternative is also the visit of a planetarium, where I once spent another Christmas afternoon. To listen to the story of the Christmas Star based on true historical, scientific star constellations and luminaries was quite an experience.

Talking of the “Wise Kings”, the following reading matter might be a suitable book recommendation: “Samarkand” by Amin Maalouf, an Oriental novel from the East.

It seems a bit like out time, to allow a review on Christmas 1985. 33 years ago I shot a skating and model  clip titled “New York, New York”. Unfortunately the shooting location wasn’t the Time Square, nevertheless it had a touch of “angle face”. By the way, in that decade sweeping shoulder pads were in fashion. Once upon a time ….. if you want, just have a look:

For the time being I want to conclude with the following Christmas wishes:  (general translation):

I do not wish you all sorts of gifts, I just wish what most do not have.

I wish you time to rejoice and to laugh,

and if it helps you to make something out of it, too.

I wish you time to find yourself,

every day, every hour to emphazise happiness.

I wish you time to also forgive, I wish you to have time to live.


Note: no advertising, simply my personal opinions / experience


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