FISH food is healthy, as the pangolins are rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

However it is also plenty of fun to turn yourself into a fish. Just put on a mono-fin and dive into the water in  dolphin style. If you need some guidance, you will certainly find offers for so-called mermaid swimming courses in indoor swimming arenas – especially in the winter months. Often you can also borrow the complete equipment locally to keep the costs low.

Even as a good swimmer, it takes a bit of routine not only to move through the water, but also to be able to hold your breath for a longer time. I always have problems opening my eyes under water (for orientation purposes), because wearing a pair of scuba goggles would not be authentic.

In addition, a discrete nose clip (as used by synchron swimmers) may be beneficial, especially if you want to try backward rolls and snake movements.
If you want to glide elegantly through the water, it is advisable to put on a complete mermaid suit, which reaches up to the waist. Attention: the material is stretchy, but also very tight. Once the body is wet before putting it on, slipping in becomes a real challenge. In addition, you should do this only directly on the edge of the pool or in shallow water, because with legs tied together you can only move forward on the buttocks. Whether combined with a bikini top or a one piece swimmsuit, is up to you. Above size 38 I would rather recommend a swimsuit, in order to perform all underwater movements “safely”.

Such a colourful fishtail is for sure a fashion statement. Another very pretty look are suitable arm fins. But be careful with opulent chains/ jewelry, as it floats around in the water uncontrollably and might be disturbing.

Fish can also have cosmetic effects. Namely, when you visit a fish spa.

The atmosphere is quite pleasant, because the sound of the softly tapping blue pools is immediately relaxing.

But what about hygiene? The friendly advisory team explains that every 8 minutes the water is filtered 8 times respectively disinfected by an UV filter. Moreover, you will receive an information sheet beforehand and, of course, it will remain up to you whether you want to be “nagged” or not. According to an average body-/ skin sensitivity and appropriate hygiene, later skin irritation or nail problems should not be an issue.

In addition, the feet are cleaned before the spa treatment under running water and should not have been creamed for 24 hours. For safety, you should also have no wounds or open skin.

Now it is time to take a seat and slowly stretch your feet into 29 degrees warm water. Usually you sit very comfortably with backrest on a kind of raised sofa.

Immediately the 50 little Garra Rufas swarm to the soles of the feet and start to work. One part seems to prefer the heels, others tend to prefer the toe spaces or the nail bed area.

The sight is fascinating and the contact/feeling vibrantly invigorating similar to a gentle (electro)massage – no hint of tickling. May be this varies somewhat with the size of the fish. These were only around 6 months old.

Rather tenderly-elegant, the small fish, which are between 3 and 8 cm tall, whirlyly scrounge and scrape through. Of course they are no vegetarians, because they prefer to eat dead skin cells. This promotes the blood circulation and stimulates the regeneration of new skin cells. The ideas of nature are just fascinating, aren’t they? …. Home of the little fish is for example the area around Konja in Turkey, but for the local spa, farmed fish are used.

So .. just give it a try. Incidentally, the “little gluttons” like men’s feet as well and especially as a couple or with some friends, the nibbling turns into a sympatic “care fun”.


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