No, this will not be an animal report, even if these cute little ground squirrels are a real eye-catcher.

My “Ziesel”, which is ready for departure, is a true powerhouse with “purring factor”.

Since 2013 the electric single-seater stands for an extraordinary driving experience. Its powerful electric drive, intuitive controls and impressive off-road capability allow many applications. And that without noise or exhaust – but with fun factor.

The “Ziesel Street” was redesigned in 2016 in order to qualify for the legal European street admission. It has smoother caterpillars, LED headlights, turn signals, brake lights and a rearview mirror. In addition a corresponding control panel and a display screen integrated in the armrest. More and more farmers are using it as a working tool. From my point of view, it could also enable senior citizens and handicapped people to enjoy safe trips in rough terrain or off-road experiences.

On even level/ ground the caterpillar manages up to 35 kilometers per hour, but has of course its strength in uneven terrain. For example to manage rise and fall of up to 60%. On the other hand, almost no driver requirements exist (except maybe left-hand-drivers), because after just a short briefing and test drive, the electric vehicle shows a good handling/grip via joystick.

Thanks to a quick charger, it is ready in about 2.5 hours for about 4 hours use (correspondingly less in case of sporty action driving). The exact technical data are available at the manufacturer MATTRO, which is located in “Schwaz” / Tyrol.

Safety is a top priority as it has a tubular steel frame, rollover protection, bucket seat with 4-point belt and safety brakes. Purchase cost of such an compact “all-rounder”, however, are around 20,000 euros.

But now it’s our turn.  At first, we crumble along a platted way in the first gear and practice some forward-backward moves. We quickly notice the Ziesel’s agility and sensitivity and prompt reaction of the control technology. Meantime we have put on the second gear. While driving in open terrain you more and more get a feeling for the power of this vehicle. When starting on the slightly wet grass, chunks fly off, and in aslant rides over mounds and pallets, you need to steer with feeling. Thanks goodness you sit well secured by straps. All this with only a slight push of the control knob forward. If you press it to the right or left at the same time, the vehicle starts drifting into curves.

Latest at the fourth gear, the whole vehicle vibrates and you should keep the focus on the track. Just click here to see the Ziesel in action:

If you would like to try it yourself, you will find various providers throughout Europe under the keyword “Ziesel Adventure”. We had spontaneously decided to contact “TED Events” at the Weinsberg / Ellhofen highway interchange.

An unforgettable driving experience all year round, which is also suitable as a perfect gift and as group event (as far as I know there are up to four “Ziesel vehichles” available), for example for Lovers Day on Feb 14th.

All in all: a very friendly contact, competent dedicated instruction, individual exit / driving support and photo / film material of the event … in short: XXL-Fun. Thank you, Timo.

You all have a nice Valentine’s Day !


REMARK:  partially cooperation/ advertising


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