A beautiful spot on earth says “Griass Di” (Austrian dialect for “hi, dear greetings”). However, todays blog content is neither a language course nor about geography. Or maybe a little bit.

Do you know spontaneously where the “Wild Emperor” or “Gran Paradiso” are located? Not exactly, but you want to know how those mountain regions look like? Just follow me, because these beautiful “areas” are closer and easier to reach than you think.

You feel ready for a trip to the mountains? It only takes a mouse click on: www.esfe.at or www.einschoenerfleckerde.com

So right, we are in Austria. And appropriate enough each of the attractive underwear pieces merge alpine happiness and modern geocaching.

For our gentlemen there are trouser designs called  “Großglockner” (big bell), “Hochkönig”, “Zugspitze” or “Teufelshorn” (devils peak). For us ladies styles showing maps of “Gran Paradiso”, “Liebeseck” (lovers corner), “Höllental” (hell valley) or Hochglück “. Hard to translate but sexy enough to be well understood.

My husband has been wearing his “Großglockner” pants in white for over a year now (also available in dark blue). With a smile I allow for the remark that both still show no signs of deficiency.

This time I have rewarded myself for Valentine’s Day with a “Combi Package” consisting of a ladies top with Austria map, hipster, card and a delicious chocolate bar. All clothes in Austrian-red; alternatively available in white). Gentlemen should ask for the “summiteer package”!

I love the idea to play on words and, above all, the creative packaging concept of the two designer ladies / managing directors Angie and Renate from Salzburg. Underwear in organic quality that covers our most beautiful body parts and puts a smile on everyone’s face. Just pure women power.

My body-set arrived promptly after only two days of ordering and was stowed away in a stylish sustainable reusable wooden box. Each individual piece was once again wrapped in a wonderful cardboard box with an Alpine motif inside – environmentally friendly without any plastic waste.

Great fit and super comfortable to wear like a second skin. Once in and no longer undressed.


ESFE/ NSOE, more precisely “a nice spot on earth” – I love these little seducers … “I hoab di gern”.

No matter if you are looking for a special gift or a modern outfit for yourself with a fair price-performance ratio,  just have a look: www.esfe.at/shop/

By the way, there are also funny children’s accessories and other nice things like greeting cards etc.

High up in the mountains, there’s no sin. No way, this underwear with the mountain silhouettes, map motifs and cheeky wording is seduction AND nature pure. Best organic cotton quality and attractive cuts guarantee the highest wearing comfort on every occasion. So … “hush, hush into the box …”

Dress and feel good “jippy yaeh” – “Austrian Life live”. Let’s go, guys and dolls – the festive Easter Season is coming up soon. Quick contact under: info@esfe.at or in Facebook: Hab‘ uns gern@einschoenerfleckerde

Ois guade” … all the best!

Note: Advertising / cooperation (for personal favorites and beautiful things)


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