I go to the beautician only sporadically. Only when my mirror calls: Look at you, you better rush, you need a fresh kick.

But what is meaningful and effective? Is it really time for Botox or other injections? Although I don’t have an injection phobia, I tend to non-invasive methods.

Already three years ago, my innovative beautician  Ellen Müller (located in Speyer) had informed me about a combination method of creams / fluids and ultrasound. And afterall I was quite satisfied with the result after only two sessions. One or two days after the treatment I still remember a slight tingling and a kind of firming tension under the skin; after another 3-5 days, the facial skin looked rosy and fresh.

Well, her current advice showed that there is now even a comprehensive concept of the companies GENESYS and CONMEDES, which combines exactly these elements and could meet my requirements.

With the described Matrix Lifting Mask, the Physio Mask and the Titan F4, there are three professional ultrasound-based devices with different frequencies available for use in the beauty salon or the dermatological / alternative practitioner practice. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultraschalltherapie

In addition to the comprehensive long-standing ultrasound competence (CONMEDES) for setting up and activating cells and tissue in different skin depths, GENESYS offers a broad range of 40 products for different application areas with particular active (natural) ingredients. Furthermore all devices and products are manufactured in Germany and certified by the TÜV (= technical control agency). According to an info brochure the company ( located near Pforzheim) refrains from animal experiments and the use of any pollutant additives.  https://www.conmedes.de/unternehmen/

The “techno-cosmetic” combination sounds plausible and I decided for a tailor-made treatment concept for home and in the cosmetics studio, which also has a reasonable price-performance ratio. Additional product info and general price information can be found on the respective web shop sites.  http://www.genesys-shop.de/

Nevertheless, those knowing me understand that I always do some extra research, even though I know that my beautician Ellen Müller doesn’t follow each and every trend; so there must be something to it. The matrix pulsation clearly shows positive results, as well in the anti-aging segment as in the medical-cosmetic field (like acne, scar reduction, cuperose, allergies, cellulite etc.).

On  D A Y   1  I receive the following beauty-care plan for at home:

daily in the morning

Cleaning gel (shea butter, jojoba-/ avocado oil) and  Mizellares Tonic (panthenol, allantoin, no alcohol)

Apple stem cell fluid – contains matricine / peptides (cell stimulation, healing effect), hyaluron and avocado extract, extensive application

Blutox – to be applied on mimic wrinkles like forehead, eye and nasal area

White Boa – ingredient SynAke has a muscle-relaxing and anti-wrinkle- effect similar to botox, extensive application)

By the way, the economical in use cleaning gel has a very special texture. At first, it is clear like a fluid and when it’s mixed with water it becomes creamy white and compact when triturated.

daily in the evening

Cleaning gel and Tonic (as mentioned above)

Apple stem cell fluid (please see above)

Vitamin C cream – with avocado oil, urea, rosemary, extensive application (also reasonable as product mix with the stem cell fluid for accelerated feeding)

and 1-2 times a week application of mild enzyme peeling for 10 min (to be removed with a damp cloth)

Once a week, I also receive a combined treatment in the studio. That means in addition to vital fluids the Lifting Mask (high-frequency range) and the Titan 4 (low-frequency range) are involved.

Attention: The application of the ultrasound method could be contra-productive in case of heart diseases or an implemented defibrillator; when in doubt, you should at least ask your actual physician/ doctor.  

Learn more about the synergies of effect cosmetics and high-tech devices in my personal diary with detailed product and treatment information and the results of my six sessions in three further posts.

However, it should be mentioned that the pulsation method is obviously not only suitable for cosmetic problems such as wrinkles and acne, but also for the deeper infiltration of substances into muscular and physiotherapeutic areas. The so-called “vital waves” may also positively influence the pain treatment.

According to ConMedes, the ultrasound technology is also being used successfully in animal medicine.

Modern skin treatment: no matter if short-term or long-term effects, … I’ll remain curious and report about it.


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