Today, is DAY 2 of my “spring awakening” and the second comprehensive facial treatment is about to begin.

After taking seat on the comfortable lounger, the usual cleaning with washing cream and tonic takes place, as I have been using it for the last 10 days at home.

First of all Blutox  a wonderfully clear and quickly absorbing gel, which smells pleasantly citrus fresh, is generously applied with a brush as detox (exposure time is approx.  5-10 minutes). Key ingredients, besides perl extract, are argirelines (3-peptides), which have shown to reduce the depth of wrinkles, according to general clinical studies.

The use of a brush is not necessary at home for hygienic reasons, since the product is available in a dispenser (in case of cream jars a spatula should always be used).

Next is the application of a mild “ZEN” enzyme peeling (according to the manufacturer also suitable for very sensitive skin), which is removed after 5-10 minutes with a damp-warm towel.

Now it’s time for the first care product, a high concentrated Hyaluron which is gradually implemented by using the 6-point MATRIX MASK; first in the forehead and lagrimal area, then in the nose and chin section. Although the mask has only a limited flexibility, but is shaped to be attached on any part of the face.

Finally, White Boa (syn ake, hyaluron) is applied to care for dry and mature skin. The white fluid smells discreetly like baby powder and gives the skin a lasting protective smooth touch.

The total duration of the treatment is usually 20 to 25 minutes.

For me, it is always a miracle how many care layers the/ my skin can take in a row. Let’s be honest: at home after cleaning you usually only spend 30 seconds to massage in a thin layer of face cream, including distribution on neck and décolleté, am I right?

However, it also seems to be important to drink enough (water) before and after the treatment so that slags can be transported away or flushed out – comparable to a manual lymphatic drainage.

I already feel a first effect on the way home. The skin is well supplied with blood and the teint is fresh and rosy. And about 3-5 days later you have a firm skin feeling, most noticeable in the cheek area. Then I cream generously to support the booster effect.

If you want, you can use the enzyme peeling again between the treatment appointments – depending on your claim and skin condition.

To my understanding a consecutive continuity is of importance for a period of 4-6 weeks. After that you have the option of another block therapy after 4-6 months or regular maintenance appointments every four weeks.

At  D A Y  3  I somehow feel more relaxed, since I already know the procedure and I know how pleasant it is.

Today, the same procedure happens. The only small difference is that this time a VITAMIN C cream is richly applied first and then worked in by the Matrix Pulsator (ultrasound in a high frequency range at 2 to 6 MHz). By pulse exchange, the tissue gets into vibration; this strengthens the connective tissue and stimulates the cell renewal. Thereafter a Hylauron gel of high density is incorporated by the TITAN 4 (ultrasound with a low frequency of 0.9 to 2.9 MHz). The goal in both cases is a strengthening of the cushion to the advantage of chin contours, nose and lips and to tighten the facial features in the forehead and cheek area in higher skin layers.

In other words, my skin was built up from the bottom with the Titan 4 having four frequencies. Approximately at 2 MHz is the “lymphatic frequency”, which so far is only stimulated by this specific device (unique feature).

I only have a handy-camera on hand, but the results equal match the before/ after comparism (cheek area) shown in foto 3 below.

You can feel – depending on the intensity setting – a slight tingling. Gently slides the Matrix Mask, which is equipped with six pressure points over the face. Pressure, length of stay and application section are determined by the trained treater. In my case, it is an expert from ConMedes, who is personally interested in the anti-aging test results.

It should also be recalled that the method described using the various Genesys products is also very well suited for special skin conditions such as cuperose (e.g. treated by a mild aloe product), acne, and scar reduction.

Where can you get this combination treatment? As far as I know ConMedes is currently working on a nationwide list of cosmetics studios that work with the particular equipment and offer the combined treatment described above. Just take a look at the website or just ask for it yourself:

If you would like to know if the procedure is suitable for your skin problem, you can also contact the responsible field service manager and specialist Petra Reutzel directly:

Furthermore it is equally important to drink enough (water) before and after the treatment so that the slag is washed out. I mention this again because my beautician always follows a holistic and individual approach.

I often don’t drink enough but so far felt somehow thirsty during the “treatment therapy”. Upon returning home I like to reward myself with a freshly squeezed juice.


Well, for  D A Y 4 , an additional treatment is planned. Who does not want to show handsome legs in the summer.


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