As time goes by, today is  D A Y  4 of my “Spring Awakening” and in addition to face and décolletage treatment, todays focus is on “legs” and cellulite stop.

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Like many other things in life, cosmetics and treatment methods remain a matter of trust. My confidence into the combined method “product plus matrix-pulsation transport” is increasing day by day. I am currently convinced that I have made the right choice. I feel myself in good hands, especially since I always get a plausible answer to every question. Literally I feel well, because I can clearly see that immediately after the treatment significantly fewer forehead and lip wrinkles as well as labial fonds are visible. Right and left below the mouth (nowadays called “Merkel-winkles”) there are almost no lines anymore. After a week, however, it seems that they become more visible again, at least this is my personal feeling.

Anyway,  the other day I met a former school friend, who spontaneously asked: “are you just back from another vacation?” … not really, but yes, if you want to consider my cosmetic sessions as time-off.  Sure, appearance sometimes might be a question of day form or expectation attitude, especially since clothing, hairstyle and light incidence may play a role. This time, however, I accepted the compliment as a matter of fact thanks to my two beauty experts.

In the GENESYS assortment is also an instant lifting effect product, which I’ll try at a suitable occasion. The golden-yellow “miracle cream” (this is the product name) is available in a noble crystal jar and has – like all previously mentioned exclusively natural-based products – a higher price level.

As regards cell renewal, all kind of products need to be applied for approx 30 days to initiate a lasting effect and make it visible. Especially in advanced age, the entire metabolism is slowed down and everything – especially healing and regeneration processes – take longer and longer. Conversely, the drying out of the skin due to estrogen deficiency progresses takes place faster and faster.

Well, so far the boosting effect to my opinion disappears without replenishment of skin again after 1-2 weeks.

Of course it is understood that a comprehensive facial care treatment should include neck and décolleté. But what about other body parts such as legs? Bingo, the combination system of adequate product and matrix-pulsation (special form of ultrasound-technique) also works in this case and is very well suitable for cellulite treatment.

Initially, Lympho Sonic (consisting of mistletoe, dandelion, marigold) is applied on the popliteal fossas and groins for drainage purposes; on top of this the leg area is covered with Deto Sonic (juniper, hops, rutin) for detoxification. This measure is followed by  Cap Intens (containing Capsicum / Capsaicin, a substance of cayenne pepper) to stimulate the blood circulation. Last but not least, Cellulite Control (gingko, vine leaves, tiger grass, cofffein) or – at home – Slim Power (ivy, caffeine, argan oil) is implemented with a simple massage glove around thighs, buttocks and hips to. complement a sustainable treatment. If you wish to enhance the effect, the particular areas of the body should then be wrapped with a cling film (wrap only loosely) in order to intensify the active ingredients. Similar to a hair cure, this also serves to generate heat, as it allows the ingredients to react more active.

Afterall you can rest a bit or have a face treatment done in parallel. About 10 minutes nothing happens, then the rubbed areas suddenly get warmer. Approx. five minutes later, they feel like in hot bath water. No unpleasant feeling, but everyone has a different perception and the substance affect may vary by intensity (if so, your beautician may simply apply less of Cap Intens or shorten the exposure time). Another 15 minutes later, the foil is removed and you quickly feel a minty cooing. And now? Right, the matrix mask and the titanium are in use again. Now I can also realize the flexibility of the mask, because its six pulsator points fit perfectly around the thighs to stimulate the tissue and help modelling the legs.

By the way, the rubs also work in conjunction with so-called massage pants. These are, according to my two experts Petra and Ellen, great for use at thome. So far, unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with that tool.

What exactly is meant by cellulite, also called orange peel? And what defines a good treatment, what kind of results are realistic?

What we are talking about – in contrast to cellulitis (!) – are those harmless but ugly dents, which represent a non-inflammatory accumulation of subcutaneous fat in the thigh and buttocks. Men are less affected, since they have a different skin structure. In case of women, the subcutaneous tissue is more dominant and consequently more fat cells may accumulate in fat chambers. One of the reasons  for this undesirable  storage is the hormone estrogen. Incidentally, cellulite is not necessarily a question of total weight, but rather a predisposition or connective tissue weakness.

The goal of any treatment (duration approx. 25-30 minutes) is to remove excess fat and water. Right after the treatment in my case I could already see a slight improvement – at least in the higher thigh area. The upcoming two sessions will proof, if a certain smoothing effect will permanently remain. But let’s face it and give it a smile: a sound development will take some time, especially in case of almost 60 year old legs.

And honestly: superficially / visually, once I had quite a good success by birch oil massages. In general, there are two approaches: while some competitor products aim to fill the dents/ wells by fluid retention, the GENESYS products try to dissolve the fat deposits sustainably by parallel use of  active substance and the pulsation treatment. In addition, a kind of diet and sufficient exercise would certainly be of help; but is not a must. And when all effort fail – smile  – just don’t strech the knees too hard … even high-tech cosmetics has its limits.

Finally, a small excursus on scare treatment. As already mentioned in the previous article, the ultrasound pulsation in combination with – for example – an aloe product accelerates the removal of excess peripheral tissue. As a result, the affected area feels softer, gets gradually paler and less visible. My beautician Ellen Müller swears by it and is currently treating her husband’s hip surgery scars in this way.

A range of cosmetic studios and naturopaths working with the combined ConMedes Method will be listed by zip codes next time. In order to expedite your search, you may also contact ConMedes

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D A Y  5  and D A Y  6 of my treatment diary will increasingly focus on orthopedic aspects of the pulsation combination method. I’ll remain curious hiw things will develop …


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