… when it was ”raining cats and dogs”  I somehow needed a change of scenery preferably with beach view. Living in Munich or surrounding the choice is easy, because the “Beach 38” offers a large indoor sand/ beach areal.

As soon as you enter the door, you are right in the middle of a “chilling” beach chair area. You can choose between sand and wooden floor under warm red light. And of course there is a large bar/ bistro counter, which offers all kind of drinks and creative snacks.

It’s still early afternoon, but listening to gentle bossanova music and having a tropical cocktail you forget the world outside very fast. When I close my eyes, I spontaneously have to think of Brazilian capoeira dancers (mix of martial arts and dance) by torchlight ……



But the best is in my opinion is the huge sports complex (in summer also outside area) next to it. A total of five beach volleyball fields are available for the friends of sand sports. If you approach the “action area” via a staircase, you can clearly feel the increasing warmth. No wonder, because the fine-grained sand is heated to 24 degrees (heating loops in the ground). So nobody gets cold feet.

Further details about this location and a calendar of events is just a click away:  https://www.beach38.de/

For me it is just great to take off the shoes and feel the sand, either to relax or doing sports. Like some intermediate holidays  …. By the way, there is no better natural foot peeling than walking on sand for a few minutes.

Whether there are comparable indoor beach/ volleyball facilities, can be quickly determined by checking the Internet.

A similar mood experience I had during St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th in Heidelberg.


As in many other pubs, there was a party with live music at O’Reillys. The well-known instruments such as flute, fiddle, banjo and bagpipe fit perfectly to the typical Irish sound. Not to forget the Irish double harp which is hard to play. In general, music in Ireland has a high priority; not for nothing the country states the most “Eurovision Song Contest winners” (since joining in 1965  7 x winners  and 31 x ranked in the top 10).

I also love the Irish (line) dances, but unfortunately there is often not enough space in the pubs.

In addition, the pub offers typically Irish and anglophile dishes such as fish and chips, beef pie or lamb stew. And of course delicious ciders (apple or pear from Bulmers or Magners) and Guinness in all varieties. A very crazy mixture of cider, light beer and pomegranate syrup is called “snake bite”.

Incidentally, the Guinness Brewery seems to be the main international sponsor of traditional St. Patrick’s Day, while providing free gifts such as hats, balloons, flags, shirts, etc. – all in green, of course.


They are crazy, the Irish – by no means. They love to carry their green into the world.

Of course, the “center of the green world is – apart from New York – Dublin. But even in Munich there is now a parade with Irish Dance, Celtic Music and brass music – a mixture of tradition, carnival and folk festival. This year even Jonny Logan was invited for a concert in Bavaria. All for free ….

By the way, the green of the Irish national flag does not stand for the green countryside. It reflects the protestantism while the orange shows the catholicism. The white stripe in the middle indicates a hopefully firm peace.

What a pity, it is over now, but the next St. Patrick’s Day will come up again. In the mean time in many local Irish pubs, events and life performances take place all year round. Another spot to enjoy a short trip without journey ….


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