New season, new trends.

Spontaneously I tried another hairstyle. Using wigs, you can test well what suits you. Yes, indeed, the shorthair look would be an alternative. For the time being, however, I still stay with my natural hair with graded longbob.      But back to fashion.

Some things remain, others change. I’ve looked around and of course there are some must-haves again. Nevertheless, I always remain critical before making a purchase and check whether the new style is really advantageous and type-appropriate to me.

Designer Guido Maria Kretschmer would say: only wear what does you good.

So, shocking green is one of the current neo-color trends in 2019. Whether clothes, shoes or accessories, most important are bright colors. In addition to neon pink and neon blue, especially neon green embroiders. Combined with plain basics in white, black or with jeans, in my opinion looks great and fits everyone.

So far we knew floral patterns on romantic dresses; now floral patterns turn into rather dark tones, often show strict jacquard materials or leather. I am a bit cautious with this trend, because you quickly may look a bit old-fashioned. But in case of shoes or bags the pattern can set quite interesting accents.

Regarding shoes, flip-flops become more and more presentable. Thanks to high quality materials and stylish details such as wedge heels and straps, nowadays they are universally applicable. However, it should be kept in mind, that the heel variation often exerts pressure on the space between the toes when walking longer distances, which can quickly cause sores and painful blisters.

Who would have thought that metallic tones will remain trendy so long? Honestly, not me. In the guise of (artificial) leather, gold, silver and copper really celebrate a revival. If you prefer warm tones for your skin type, you should choose golden shades. Pale skin types and grey-haired persons can very well wear silver shades. Rose-copper generally suits all skin tones and is currently my personal favorite color.

XL Silhouttes. Skinny and tight fittings are more or less out. Both, pants and tops, may again have a casual width. Comfort is the crucial key, especially when traveling, on hot summer’s days or even during an extensive meal.

Pastel color blocking is quite my world. Like spring-time, this look is tender and bright. Sherbet tones and flower colors are true all-rounders and always chic. I totally fell in love with the rainbow sweater with oversized sleeves. Incidentally, this color trend already existed at the beginning of the 80s.

No doubt, bags remain the eye-catcher and are indispensable useful accessories. Trendy are bags in unusual shapes: roly-poly round, angular, oversized and other special shapes (like a heart or a roll). Whether these forms are always practical, is left open, but it looks cool in any case.

In short: allowed is what pleases ….



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