Right now I really need a break to allow for compensation to my annoyance.

Few of us will have a seperate dressing room with infinite space, but even this one day has its limits.  And the delegation of sorting and clearing to third parties is often unsuccessful, because it’s too individual. And the “magic co-helpers” are having their day off right now.

“Make room in the closet and earn money”. “What you did not wear for two years is obsolete anyway”. The identification of “fashion corpses” or an actual resale is, however, easily said than realized (photos, administration take time as well).

“Tidying is for beginners, pros beat the closet door faster than things can fall out”. Pahh, I’m more afraid that the closet collapses and most of the clothes become more and more crumpled due to  narrowness ans stapling.

Every year at this time I am busy sorting out and tidying up winter and summer clothes. But the more I try, the less I see the success – in the sense of creating space. And that, although I have been busy for several hours now.

Not for nothing experts say: tidying up often ends with sitting somewhere and playing around with things that you found cleaning up.

As you might know, I have a patent remedy or a solution for many things, but here I fail every year. If you have a large family, this phenomenon is even worth, as it is also important to scour the children’s wardrobes on a regularly basis. Not to talk about the quarrels/ discussions that may arise with the spouse/partner or the “little ones”. Although, … my husband is not the type of “hunter & gatherer”. If it’s up to him, everything can be removed. What he is wearing has to be placed in the front row, otherwise he does not even know to have it !!

What to throw away or should be placed in the clothes container, what else to keep? … What stays “in fashion”, or better, what’s back, like pants, blouses and shirts in pastel colors. What still fits or is at least considered “shabby chic”? Meantime I cannot get all things out of secluded corners because of my back problems. Sometimes I would like to wear an older piece again, if I could remember where I put it. Now it takes revenge that I was partly too lazy to mark/label boxes and cartons more accurately. Looks like the brain just does not work anymore as it did ten years ago – hmm.

But blame yourself, this is the price of remaining up-to-date. Sometimes you buy a “new must-have” that hangs in the closet in a similar way already. Well, spoken in positive terms, you could say that you have been faithful and consistant to your style.

As a kind of prevention, I always try to critically question the real need before I buy further cloth. That means: If I can’t enumerate at least three combinations with existing garments spontaneously, I usually leave it in the store.

Not to forget rotten and overloaded hangers that like to break and cause additional work. To save space I often put 2-3 blouses on each hanger and I avoid voluminous hanger.

Although I usually make quick decisions, I’m having a hard time regarding the clearance of clothes. On one hand, because I like to sew and keep buttons, rubber bands or edgings  for adjustments (even five years later). On the other hand, I ‘ve sentimental memories in some pieces which still tell their story. In my case, these are many garments I bought during my time in Mexico (1995/1996). Many of them are made of linen or silk and simply have a special design.

Incidentally, the storage of remnants/ repair parts is not exclusively thrift or passion for collecting, but is done for practical considerations. Often I have experienced that a replacement is hardly possible and/ or searching was time-consuming. I also like to have a substitute on hand for emergencies; as we all know, it always happens at the wrong moment. Anyway, ….

The husband returns home and says, “You look so exhausted, sweetheart.” “I am indeed” the woman replies, “I’ve cleared up my handbag all day long.”

In fact, keeping your handbag in order is another time-consuming chapter. Until a few years ago, I made the effort to use a different handbag for every (daily) styling including the change of the complete content. When it became too exhausting for me, I used a smaller purse as the inside-basis and then put it from one to the other handbag.  Meantime I only differentiated between summer and winter bags, which I use as all-rounders. What you are looking for, you will rarely find anyway. What you seek and discover, is even more remarkable. Such as: two-year-old receipts or keys that can no longer be assigned.

Well, the trigger of clearing up is usually the fact that the “good piece” has become so heavy that it hurts after a short time on the shoulders. In defense, however, is said that the “small-scale household carried along“, often serves well. Especially if their critics need a shoe lace, a pain pill, a gum, a plaster, a pen, a spoon, a reading glasses, a rain cover, hand cream / lip care …. etc.

There is much to say, after all, there is still the topic “shoes”. But I have to continue with my work for now …. I gladly accept helpful tips; nobody is perfect.

P.S.  An alternative could be clothes leasing: Checking for “Die Kleiderei” you are able to subscribe for an outfit-abo and to get four garments each month sent by mail – either at your own choice or by the garment team to individual specifications. Four weeks later you send everything back and receive textile supplies. So you can get easily rid of unwearable parts again and the wardrobe always remains on a certain level.



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