To find the sound mix of self-motivation, relaxation, sports, and healthy living – is often easier said than done. Yes, and sometimes Churchill’s philosophy of “no sports” – better a good cigar – may even be right.

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, you go for a run or open the tennis season and – bam! Not warmed up enough or just gotten a bit “rusty” during the winter-season and you have already contract yourself a strain or even worse torn muscle fibers. This is extremely painful and regeneration takes time. So always act wisely with measure and goal.

A first aid measure are ice sprays and in consequence sustainable acting cooling gels. This prevents tissue swelling and takes the acute pain. Not for nothing studies prove a clear alleviation of pain and accelerated rehabilitation through cryotherapy or cooling therapy.

In deed studies (university of Kuopio/ Finland) prove significant pain relief and accelerated rehabilitation through cooling therapy.

Unless an anti-inflammatory drug is specifically required, e.g. ICE POWER COLD GEL from the pharmacy can be an effective alternative. Through the active ingredient menthol a long-lasting reduction of the skin surface temperature by 5- 7 ℃ is achieved. At the same time, menthol affects the pain receptor systems that control the pain. The increased blood circulation in turn ensures better healing in case of injuries and combats muscle pain.  For further information just check on :

The emulsion smells fresh, is pleasant to apply (roller-applicator), absorbs quickly, is completely clear and leaves no marks or stains on clothes or skin. My husband swears on it and also applies the co-product ARTHRO CREME on a regular basis.

Osteoarthritis is not only an aging symptom, the painful joint wear can also affect young people. A healthy cartilage acts as a cushion in the joint. When it is worn, the bones begin to rub against each other, the joint hurts and may deform. Arthrosis in most cases appears slowly. Why the articular cartilage degrades faster in some people than in others, is not clear yet. Hormonal influences and hereditary conditioning are likely to play a major role. Arthritis is not curable, but the symptoms can be alleviated. By the way, exercise is also an important self-help for osteoarthritis.

In addition to the prescription of a variety of anti-rheumatic and classic anti-inflammatory drugs (including cortisone) to reduce cartilage degradation, also high-dosed vitamin E as well as the dietary supplements glucosamine and chondroitin are perceived beneficial by the patients.

The ICE POWER ARTHRO CREME by Fysioline is also used to reduce pain and inflammation. Simply rub 2-3 times daily on the painful areas for a longer time. Due to the menthol content, the cream should of course be kept away from the eyes and mucous membranes and applied with caution in case of an allergy to shellfish/ crustaceans.

The susceptibility to injury is often also a sign of body-internal physical deficiencies and can often be compensated by dietary supplements. For quite some time I therefore use more or less regular products from FitLine.

For example Powercocktail
My kick-off into the day, because vitamin B2 and Nicain contribute to the reduction of fatigue; selenium, vitamins C and E strengthen the function of the immune and nervous systems as antioxidants. As  a result, of course it doesn’t mean that I’m now jumping out of bed in the morning at 6:00 am (while being a late-riser) but I feel like getting up easier, keeping better on focus and having a longer lasting energy.  Acording to my experience, the product should only be taken in the evening if you have to work or be fit at night. Otherwise it could happen that you stay awake longer than desired.

My “Beautiful over night” recipe through high-quality use of calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc (important for the acid-base and fat metabolism), selenium, silicon, copper, manganese, chromium and vitamin D. Honestly: I usualy sleep well – no matter where or when as regards time difference and competition tension. But the sole duration of sleep does not guarantee sustainable regeneration.

Both products are easy to consume as a water-soluble powder. Although the colorful bags (20 g each) appear like seeds for the garden, the flavor variant “Exotic” is wonderfully fruity and sparkles pleasantly rose in the glass. It is best to stir it in non-sparkling mineral-water, because the content is rich in flavor and otherwise does not completely dissolve; the sediment then tastes slightly sandy (you may even take a little more than 0.3 liters). Anyway, providing enough fluid to the body during the day is anonthor important criterion, and obviously this combination is a good foundation to suit both (in the combi-pack also much cheaper).



As a supplement, I had ordered the preparations “Munogen” (B-complex) and “HeartDuo” (Omega 3 and Q 10), as they seemd to be particularly suitable for my needs. Incidentally, FitLine Omega 3 is also available as a vegan omega 3 made from microalgae combined with MicroSolve technology.  Omega 3 Vegan:

For me, the intake of Omega 3 is important to keep my innate, relatively high cholesterol level reasonably in balance. And the all-rounder Q10 is welcome to reach every corner of my body to do its services (please see infos of other related blogs).  HeartDuo:

Also Munogen I had “prescribed” myself for my red blood cells (erythrocytes), because these have been tested being “too large” since some years. Although I do not feel tired, but as far as the critical value can be kept within the normal range (previously only possible with B12 syringes), I make use of this opportunity.
The brown Munogen hard capsules are easy to swallow with liquid and offer a holistic combination of several natural ingredients with synergistic effects of phytochemicals, amino acids, vitamins B6, B9 and B12 (cobalamin) and thus contributes to the formation of red blood cells (more oxygen uptake) resp to reduce fatigue and exhaustion.  Munogen:

So far I had only few experience with “power bars” because I have not been in competition for a long time. But especially in old age, there are some reasons and situations that can afford it. Especially if they taste good and every bite becomes a “power snack”.
My favorite protein bar for any hunger in-between has an icy-fresh mint flavor a la after-eight (limited edition) and a pleasant consistency. It also has a high protein content to maintain muscle mass and abundant B vitamins (B 2 and B 12) that help to reduce fatigue and calcium needed to maintain normal bones.

Protein Mint:

Berry Crunch:

Incidentally, there is also a Power Meal bar, a regular full meal in pocket size providing even more energy. Both are fast and easy to digest and therefore ideal for time-consuming workloads; e.g. stressful office life, long car rides, training camps, mountain and bike tours, or expeditions, etc.

The situation is similar with the Pro Shape bar (meal replacement), which is available in the versions “Berry Crunch”,  “Spicy Slim” and “Coconut Slim”.
My “Shape to go” replaces a full-fledged meal with the patented ProShape All-in-1 recipe. It combines high quality and natural ingredients for practical weight management. Replacing two of the daily main meals as part of a low calorie diet with such a meal replacement contributes to weight loss.

After consuming one bar, you are indeed fed up for about 2-3 hours (also stated by my husband, who also gave it a try). The crunchy snack tastes really well; however, it is a bit crumbly after the first bite.

Finally, I like to refer to my Pro B-4 “special kitchen friend”, a yogurt maker.



It looks elegant and stable, works without power, the inner container is dishwasher safe and can also be used to keep warm or cool food. The preparation takes some time and ideally a spacious fridge. And it is somehow reminiscent of “cheese making for beginners”.

The enrichment with 4 lacto acid bacteria is very simple, because you only have to  actively stir the content of one bag with a whisk into the milk and to fill the outer container with hot water.
Have lots of fun with it! … Hmm, especially tasty with fresh fruit ….

All FitLine products have the patented nutrient transport concept and are TÜV tested. Furthermore they are part of the “Cologne List” and manufactured according to pharmaceutical industry standard; in other words: safety is guaranteed.

In spite of all the good advice, everyone should know and live his/ her individual feel-good factors. In my case that means, if possible a whole “unproductive” day only doing what I feel like – without time pressure. This can be an extra portion of “sleep”, a creative craft or sewing work, but also the solving of a banal crossword puzzle. Please do not mix-up relaxation with boredom, because boredom or having no plans may also cause a negtive influence factor and can be a stress trigger.

So it’s up to you, keep listening to the signals of the body and feel your wishes step by step. Of course, there is no guarantee for a healthy, long life, but it should be worth to give it a try. .. beautiful we are anyway.


Remark:  in cooperation with FitLine/ FisioLine


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