Always this heavy carrying. Especially in the summer, any purchases/ errands can be exhausting and sweaty. But even more, increased load or overload and (one-sided) misalignment can cause massive orthopedic discomfort. And none of us is getting younger.

Transport aids like “rollis” have been around for a long time, but they always looked quite old-fashioned and had a grandma image. I admit, I have sworn to me not to pull something like that behind me.

Coincidentally, I came across some new trolley models on a fair which really looked innovative and really practical. Finally we should move and do some workouts regularly and leave the car at home. Furthermore lack of parking space in the city centers and extended pedestrian areas are increasingly a problem. Unless you have a “little helper”, who is now extremely versatile and decorative.

Two or four wheels? Drag or push? For example, the Gimi shopping trolley “Twin” gives you the choice. It can be loaded up to 30 kilograms and is available from various providers for about 50 euros. So you can optimally load and relieve your body, especially in the shoulder area by variety.

The next model “Carlett 700” offers storage space and a seat with brake. Those who are missing fitness, are permanently or temporarily disabled, will certainly appreciate its reliable availability; though the model is over EURO 100.-

Even better in my opinion is the stairclimber version of the “Gimi Tris Floral”, which is already available from EURO 40.-. Not only pavement edges, but also staircases are thus relatively easy to overcome. Therefore this model should be extremely suitable for residents of hillside locations and as an emergency program if the elevator is on strike.

Likewise hip is the foldable model “Knalla”. The comfortable all-rounder can carry only 20 kg, but is light and space-saving. As far as I know this flexible shopping trolley is provided by Ikea and should leave room to shop a bit more or not to miss a special offer.

Of course, chic also works: an example is the very strong (up to 60 kg) basket trolley/ wicker (manufactured by Manufactum or Andersen). For the high-quality, stable material, however, you have to pay at least euros 70.- up to 180.-. This model may also serve as a rolling picnic basket or elegant laundry box. Another special model is certainly the firewood trolley. It looks very stylish and has undoubtedly advantages when transporting bulky pieces from the storage place to the parlor.

Available in many colors and decorative is my favorite version – a cooling trolley. The “Roiser shopping scooter DOS +2” has a thermo pocket and can be loaded with a maximum of 40 kg. The dimensions are 38 x 26 x 64 centimeters are small. For that, the rolling beach bar can be bought for  approx. euros 70.- (via Amazon).

Since I have not used / tested the products mentioned so far, this time I cannot give an explicit recommendation for one or the other model. The random listing should only give an idea for the individual needs. However, based on general experiences with those vehicles, it may be beneficial if the wheels are not too small. This is especially important if you have to manage longer distances or bumpy worse paths. Incidentally, some trolley types can also be attached to a bicycle.

Apropos, speaking of experience: There are also people who use their shopping scooter as a ubiquitous, inconspicuous bank safe. That sounds absurd and you cannot believe that? I felt the same way, until I experienced it myself. Here is the story:

Since years an elderly woman accused her family of stealing her money and wasting it for luxury trips and beauty treatments, etc. Everyone involved was embarrassed and assured that this was not the case. But where did the money go? One evening I received a call from a neighbor of the lady, who excitedly informed me that she would know where the money is eventually deposited. Namely in the shopping scooter, which is in the broom closet and which she uses for shopping regularly. After that, I had visited the lady’s apartment with a neutral witness and … in fact, half of the trolley was filled with money notes. At first the lady showed little insight, but finally she agreed to accompany us to the bank to secure the money. The bills were placed twice in the counting machine. It was around EUR 136,000.- which left all of us speechless.

It is understood that this story is not recommended for imitation. Even the best – partly lockable – trolley my serve for many purposes, but certainly not as a depot of valuables.



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