Time and again the blue sky has already been occurred in various songs. Just think of the Italian evergreen “Azzuro”.  The great Blue is also found in nature and botanic; in its most beautiful form the so-called “Blue Rain”/ clycine/ wisteria.  https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blauregen

Apart from that, pastel colors are very much in fashion again, also with maritime stripes like my new favorite piece. Thanks to the pleasant quality of the material, the sophisticated cut of the dress and its playful cuff loops it is easy to care for and comfortable to wear (designer dress from Lassal Fashion, Mannheim).

Summer time for me always means to select a new fragrance. Standard fragrances – even top brands – are often not my cup of tea, but with “Blue Rain” I came across a “fragrance” that really shows a special scent combination. My favorite is currently an Eau de Perfume with just that name: “Blue Rain “.

Here, flowery-fruity notes dominate. Fresh peonies, aloe vera and grapefruit bulid the heart of the fragrance. The centerpiece are balsamic chords, apple and exotic coconut. The composition is rounded off by seductive musk and cedar wood scents – simply enchanting ( 100 ml / 19,75 Euro )


However, there is not just a body and hand cream but also a “Blue-Rain exfoliation”. https://www.asambeauty.com/

The PEELING from the fine sugar crystals, soaked in grapeseed oil, also smells wonderfully fruity and floral after blooming wisteria/ Blue Rain. The natural sugar crystals provide a pleasant massage effect, dead skin cells are gently removed and the precious grapeseed oil cares intensively. As a result, the overall appearance of the complexion becomes firmer and more even. Tip: If you let the sugar crystals soak in water before use, you can determine the degree of hardness of the peeling process and then also apply it on the face and on the lips – velvety tender  ( 600 g / 19.75 Euro )

The “Wisteria BODY CREAM” nourishes the skin by rich texture like nourishing oils, cocoa & shea butter and vitamin E. The cream absorbs very quickly and gives a silky, tender skin feeling. The skin is noticeably moisturized and smoothed. The feminine composition of fragrances enlivens and pampers the senses throughout the day  ( 500 ml / 19,75 Euro )

The HANDCREAM with urea, shea butter and vitamin E also intensively moisturises and nourishes dry, brittle hands. The precious grape seed oil regenerates chapped, stressed hands and protects against moisture loss. Creaming spreads the wonderful, flowery-fresh scent of blooming wisteria. The smell of this floral composition alone helps to relieve stress and invigorates my senses ( 100 ml / 16,75 Euro )

I love it when everything is fine-tuned, preferably also perfume and deodorant. One more word about the classification of perfumes: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parf%C3%BCm

The world of fragrances follows the 3-element pyramid principle in its composition. The intensity and persistence of the fragrance decrease from the bottom of the pyramid to the top. This means that the fragrance pyramid consists of HEAD NOTE, HEART NOTE and BASE NOTE.

The HEADNOTE is always perceived at the first moment, but also evaporates fast. It can be determined by volatile or intense fragrance essences. Here, citrus essences or flower aromas are often processed. Then the HEART NOTE becomes noticeable, which forms the longest connection with the skin. Its smell appears approx. 10 minutes after spraying and forms 50-80% of the “heart”. Their aromas are of medium durability and form the harmonic gradation to the base note. The BASE NOTE enters into a total connection with its scent molecules. Each person – according to his skin characteristics – develops own scents. Therefore it is the most individual part and the longest lasting. It completes the fragrance combination and is usually composed of heavy aromas such as musk or wood notes.

Furthermore, fragrances are divided into perfume, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne. The individual fragrance variants differed in terms of the concentration of fragrance oils, which also depends on intensity and shelf life. Perfume at 15-30% contains the highest concentration. Eau de Parfum 10-15%, Eau de Toilette 3-12% and Eau de Cologne 3-5%. As a rule, this also determines the price.

Some years ago I participated in a perfume workshop in Grasse/ France (Gallimard). The company Fragonnard also offers such courses from time to time for everyone. A truly intoxicating pleasure of about three hours. Everyone is sitting in front of his/ her own “scent organ”, a large shelf with about 120 different aroma bottles. Under the guidance of a profi-perfumer, you create your own perfume based on your personal triad of Basic, Heart and Head note. During the composition, we have destillated our preferences for snow and glacier ice as well as grass and leather. Accordingly, our perfumes carry the names “Esprit de Glace” and “Esprit de Ballon” (football). Incidentally, the percentage composition of the ingredients is precisely noted and stored for years. In addition, you can also order soap, shower gel and shaving cream.


As far as I know, the world’s most expensive and longest-lasting (women’s) perfume comes from Oman (costs in Europe are between EURO 250.- and 350.- ). “Amouage” is presented in a gold-plated flacon and contains many sustainable aroma oils, which are partially still  available on the skin after even taking a shower. No wonder, Oman is the home of  frankincense, sandalwood and other relevant natural products.  So, just close your eyes and open your nose … hmmmm

Incidentally, this also applies to the elegant rose fragrance creations of the comprehensive care line “Vino Rose” by Asam Beauty. I tried the creamy cleansing foam and the moisturizing gel mask (exposure time approx. 15 minutes). Both contain grape polyphenols, rose stem cells and resveratrol (regenerating antioxidant substance). Rose meets grape – a phantastic combination. Further  product information including coupon promotion you can find here:  https://www.asambeauty.com/vino-rose


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