Drink enough, refresh yourself from inside, but do not consume beverages too cold. There are many healthy tips and finally – the drink should be tasty. I usually follow the customs of “hot countries”, e.g. Arabia; there the inhabitants drink preferably lukewarm. Alcohol doesn’t play a major role, because it heats up the body even more.

Yet a STRAWBERRY MOJITO (or any other fruit, except maybe grapes or banana) is always suitable. The cocktail originated from Cuba is not only one of the world’s best-known, but also the most popular drink … and is something nice to look at!

Just put ice cubes or crushed ice into two glasses. Wash the organic 1-2 limes with hot water and rub the zest of a lime. Squeeze the juice of the limes with the strawberry syrup into the glasses. Wash the strawberries, clean them and put a few strawberries aside. Puree the remaining strawberries and put the strawberry puree in the glasses. Fill the glasses with Tonic (alternatively some prosecco). Garnish the mojitos with strawberries. Wash the mint leaves, shake them dry and chop them roughly. Garnish the mojitos with mint and lime zest and serve the drink immediately ice-cold.

If there is only few time, a MINZ (or elder-berry) GRANITA is quickly done. Add ice cubes to the glass and just some purchased mint/ elder syrup.

Of course, the homemade version of a MINZ-LIMETTE GRANITA tastes much better. Boil the water and add some sugar to it. Cook the sweet fluid for a few more minutes, then cool it and add the lime juice.

Place the fluid in a shallow container suitable for refrigeration about 3 cm high and freeze it. Once the first ice crystals have formed on the edge, stir it once and then freeze again. If necessary, repeat this process to obtain coarse granules.   In the meantime, chop the mint leaves roughly. Stir them in the granita before serving and serve the iced mass immediately. As an evening drink you can very well add some rum or gin to it.

ICED COFFEE instead of ice coffee with vanilla ice and cream. Here are two options as I know them from Greece and southern Italy:

Fill 1/3 of a glass with “fridge-cold” milk (possibly pre-cool the glass), then prepare a double espresso and pour it into the milk. Alternatively you may also use some stronger instant coffee. Now fill the entire glass – depending on your preference – with ice cubes. I don’t like sugar in my coffee, but of course you can so.

If you have the opportunity, you can produce some cold milk foam and place it on top of it. Anyway, I love the click-clack of the ice cubes before they literally dissolve into nothing.

The invigorating ROOIBOSTEE is a perfect summer beverage, no matter if warm or cold. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rooibos

The bush plant grows almost exclusively in the mountain regions of South Africa; there it has become a kind of national drink. It is caffeine-free, rich in iron, minerals and flavonoids (anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effect). I like to drink it flavored as rooibos-vanilla or rooibos-orange (simple tea bags).

When applied externally, rooibos should – dabbed with a cotton cloth – also help against sunburn.

Finally, my own creation: GINGER TEA with LIME-LIMO, a blend of tea and fruit juice. Prepare ginger tea (for example, two ginger tea bags for a 0.2 liter  tea cup/ 0.75 liter fluid in total) and let it cool a bit (add some sweetener if necessary). Then squeeze some lime, add the juice and enrich the rest with (medium) mineral water. You may cool the beverage for about an hour before serving – but no must. P.S. Who does not like ginger, can also use cucumbers/ peels.

In summer I especially like to drink “CRODINO” and “SANBITTER” (from San Pellegrino); the latter is a great Campari substitute without alcohol. Both can be stretched to a long-drink with bubbling mineral water, but you do not have to. Just add/ garnish the elegant drink  with some orange slices.

By the way, there is also a kind of anti-alcoholic version of Averna called “CHINOTTO” (typical bitter orange flavor) that looks like cola. But as far as I know, it is still only available in Italy.

You can pep up any drinks with homemade fruit juice/ herb ice cubes. Usually it works best with strong smoothies from yellow fruits such as passion fruit, peach, pineapple, etc. In addition, they can melt wonderfully in the mouth and you can suck them like a sorbet. But herbs such as mint or lavender can be used ingeniously.

Hmm, my favorite ice cream is sage-mint sorbet, but more about “ice agse” another time. My laptop needs a break now.

BUT a final decoration: suggestion: I love the mist/ fog  caused by of so-called “dry ice” (for touching it, use gloves to prevent burns). Simply place the glass in a flat bowl, add some small pieces of “dry ice” to the bowl and some water. Due to the chemical reaction everything seems to start floating …. simply cool!

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