I am not a great equestrian, but horse riding in the wind along the Sea is just wonderful. And also healthy for the animals, as they can comfortably cool their shackles in the spum of the shallow water. Of course you should always wear a helmet and riding boots for safety reasons.

Since I do not own my own horse, I enjoyed the opportunity for a morning excursion through the nearby forest on horseback. I really like the pictures that were taken during this photo session titled  “Robina Hood“.

The gray stallion “Smokey” was really patient and made it easy for me, despite the warm temperatures. And all that for just a few apple slices and carrots.

As I said, I’m neither a passable horsewoman, nor a horse expert and I only l learned from “Smokey’s” owner that a white looking horse is not necessarily a breed of its own.


Specifically a white horse is a horse breed that is born with any color; only as a result of the gray gene, the fur turns white over the years. Each carrier of the so-called Gray gene is a white horse and can genetically inherit the gene.

As a foal, it is usually not white at first, but a fox-red, brownie or black horse or can also have any color variant. The white color is even quite common and occurs in most horse breeds. However, there are also some breeds that are mostly or exclusively white: e.g. the Camargue horse, Lipizzaner, Andalusian and Shagya Arabs are mostly pale/ bright.

Special coat patterns caused by other genes produce so-called dapple-greys or trout-greys  etc.

In horse training/ dressage  they are gladely used because of their appearance, especially in formation riding. Just think of the famous Viennese, also called Spanish Riding School.

In my opinion white horses have especially beautiful eyes, as the dark skin around the eye is a nice contrast to the white coat and seem to be larger than those of other horses in different colors.

It just takes a soft clacking with my tongue and some light pressure with my thighs and my beautiful “older boy” moves his hooves and trots elegantly along the small river path  ….   in memoriam “Smokey”.


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