Moods are often difficult to describe in words, and to always talk about each and everything is not always helpful/ meaningful. No matter if happy, malicious, puzzled, thoughtful, sad, anxious, angry, romantic or smugly … it is just the image or body language that leaves room for individual feelings and a lot of stories.

Eureka – that’s it! … “oh yes”, here we go

.. and now? … puhh, absolutely  no idea

Enough time for myself, the world out there can me criss-cross … why all that?

Sometimes I could scream out loud … this world is a funfair and we are the comedians.

A cry of fear or rage? That’s enough … not like that and certainly not with me … ..

A little makeover adds momentum and variety … “Miss Fisher” on secret mission …

Hallo & welcome, here we go …. but I’m gone for now ….


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