My mother was not a shopping queen and she went – except food – only for shopping, if something was needed. Sometimes, however, she suddenly started off and upon return she dragged at least 3-4 heavy bags with remarkable content. With a kind of unexpected farsightedness, she had developed something like an “anticipation mechanism” for bargains.

Today, I often feel the same way and this doesn’t only apply to acquisitions. According to my profession, outsiders know me as a mostly rational person but in case of equality or uncertain conditions I often rely on my gut feeling … always with positive results. Especially the first impression when judging a person. Often you notice immediately whether the “chemistry” is right or not. And often we say: the love met her like a flash, although all reasonable criteria spoke against a connection/ partnership.

Why is that?   We often know more about our well-being than we think. Because our subconscious is a wealth of experience accumulates over time, the fund of intuitive snap shots. “I immediately said that, I knew it said that at once, I knew that right away.”

This works especially well with people who are close to us, whom we know well. For example mothers often know better what their children are suffering from than doctors can diagnose after a first examination.

The emotional power of the subconscious at least often gives a decisive impulse to action. According to brain research, humans from birth on evaluate all conscious and unconscious experiences in a positive or negative way and deposit them in a “well-stocked warehouse”. Biologically, this storage process takes place in the cerebral cortex respectively the limbic system. Because the limbic system has the fastest connections in the nervous system and is thus 10 times faster exchanging information than the frontal brain (the seat of the mind). This circumstance can be vital, especially in crisis and emergency situations.

Listen to the body and be careful with it. Detecting warning signals can prevent injuries or deliberately lead to peak performance. Keyword “self-perception“. We routinely ask our friends  “how are you?” … rarely, how am I doing, what makes me feel good? Often we have to jump out of the “hamster wheel” and to leave the routine behind us, before we can perceive ourselves better.

Of course, pain, hunger or thirst are well-known indicators, but that does not have to happen. Brain researchers speak of so-called somatic markers, i.g. of physical sensations that influence our thinking and actions. So, there is a more or less balanced “ping-pong effect” between heart and mind.

It does not matter if it is an objective or subjective perception. If we feel well or are in love, warmth rises in us and it spreads a pleasant tingle. With bad feelings, we feel a lump in the throat, stomach depressions or muscle tension. Scientists often call this “health is the silence of organs“. And indeed, we only realize when we feel bad, how well we have been before. Although fear can also block the inner voice, sometimes it also protects against worse incidents. In the case of animals we call it  instinct.

In case of an unclear or emergency diagnosis due to lack of time, doctors also follow their intuition or inner voice and are often correct. However, strictly speaking this action is perceived knowledge from the acquired wealth of experience. Thus, even intuitive decisions have a logic, only the mind does not always grasp them.

By the way: Intuition or the sixth sense is not a talent question, everyone has it. The question is much more, do we use and train it?

Innovation through intuition, may be true. The question of whether women have the better gut feeling may be answered by experts. What is your opinion?

Even Albert Einstein once said: “The intuitive mind is a holy gift, the rational mind a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. “

Whether there is also an interface to “luck” I do not know. For example, if there are people who suddenly refuse to take the booked flight – because of a bad feeling – and the plane then crashes.

Finally, a “practice test“: When I test my subconscious mind, my felt awareness spontaneously tells me that today is  Renate’s birthday – best wishes!


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