Actually, I wanted to buy a shift dress made of neoprene, but did not find the right one. Even top designers currently use this bi-elastic fiber for their trendy clothes, as it is versatile and easy to work with.  Therefore, this neoprene material should also be suitable to finally tailor my open overskirt.

Neoprene is actually known from sportswear, because it is the preferred fabric for diving- and surfing suits.

Thank God, I was able to find the desired strength and perfect color blue-black in a local store; due the duplex-color I would even be able to wear the skirt reversible on both sides.  More about it a bit later, but thumbs up at this point already !

According to  the motto “Pimp it Up” I regularly search through my wardrobe. Unbelievable, besides flower-motives, animal print is and remains in fashion. Shoes, scarves, shirts, bags …  I think there are still some memorabilia in my wardrobe that can be cleverly combined with black, beige, brown and gold.

Who has nothing similar at hand and does not like to spend extra money at his disposal, may just use accessories like scarves and hair ties with this design. They can be used individually and in a variety of ways. Here are some suggestions:

For example on shoes. At this moment, nothing is more trendy than shoes with bows, fringes or tassels. For my royal blue ankle boots, I just bought two small blue tassels and hung them in the top of the zipper (eventually you may need a small pair of pliers for the bending).

My black-brown laced shoes are great for attaching the leopard bow with the strings. Alternatively, I’ve clamped the black hair ties under the crossed shoelaces – it fits and transforms even an a bit outdated pumps into an elegant eye-catcher (works also well with flip-flops).

The hair ties also look good as bracelet and / or neck jewelry. Even summer fashion quite quickly can get a wintry touch by applying such velvet elements. The hair ties also pep-up each belt end (especially soft fabric belts). As for the hair, just wrap them around the ends and it’s already done.

If desired you may also drape such accessories around your warming ear cups, etc.

Redesigning clothes in an extraordinary combination was also the starting point for my skirt- cape, which is preferably be worn over pants. If it gets cold, it can also serve as a shoulder throw, while neoprene is water-repellent and keeps you warm. In addition, I always think of wrinkle-free traveling clothes. Ideally, the multifunctional parts complement each other, to allow for less baggage, but to ensure being properly dressed.

With some skill and imagination, you can also redesign all kind of elderly/ retro clothes. The recycling of old clothes is not only a lot of fun, but by their creative use you can design your own individual garments. You also save a lot of money and ultimately do something good for the environment. Colorful zippers, trendy lace, buttons as an eye-catcher made of curious materials such as amber, etc. All allowed what pleases.

If you want to copy the skirt-cape, here are a few key facts: If the original fabric is 1.20 meters wide, (for cloth size 38) it is sufficient to by just one meter (costs EURO 15.- to 20.-).

Cut off about ten centimeters for the belt, fold lengthwise and sew it from the left side. After the turnover it remains a girdle width of about five centimeters.

Fold the waistband – starting from the middle – and stitch every pleat about 8-10 centimeters on both sides to create a high well-fitting waistband. Then, for safety’s sake, trim/ hem all edges.

If you love the Fokuhila style (short in front, longer in the backside) , simply flip the lower front ends into triangles and fix them (if necessary decorate with a border to cover the seams). Finally, sew the belt to the waistband (keep approx. two centimeters distance to the edge). It may be advisable not to fix the belt right in the middle, but slightly offset, so that you can better form a nice looking half-loop or knot when closing the skirt. Please note that the dark neoprene fabric can – despite being a synthetic fiber – rub off/ slightly loose color when sewing by hand (eventully wash the fabric in advance)

Tall, slim people can of course also wear the skirt shorter or cut eye-catching holes in the neoprene-fabric (looks great with colorful tights).

Speaking of “nicely packed”, it’s Fashion Week again.

In the fashion capitals of London (sept 19th till 23th), Milan (sept 23rd till 27th) and Paris (sept 27th till oct 1st) the design professionals once celebrate their bi-annual get-together.



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