Yes, you have read correctly, sometimes you have to weird things.

So, does that mean I am keen on carbohydrates for external use? True, I already had some special photo shootings, e.g. as a man, on a turntable, with a chameleon, in a gravel pit, etc.

Always striving for something new. Together with my photographer of confidence, I have been looking for a minimalistic alternative to water, milk, foam and miniballs. Once I had a plate of pasta in front of me, this idea was born quickly.

In the preparatory phase, the photographer has of course to organize countless packages of noodles; unfortunately he could not get any colored ones. To provide the right type of clothes and accessories remains my turn.  As an extra I decided to thread a few “tube noodles” as necklaces and bracelets.   Here are some impressions of the Making Off: 

Thousands of Spirelli noodles are poured into an elegant bathtub for my “noodle bath“. After about a third, I can get into the tub already. Nevertheless the pouring of pasta needs to continue – bag by bag.  Thanks also to Sandra, because without helpers, this would be a lengthy task. If possible, various kind of noodle scenes should be created – including funny and dynamic moments.

Of course there are no limits regarding my “bathing partners”, just think of Loriot’s rubber duck, a feather boa, high heels or just a bottle of champagne. With all love for pasta, we did not use any ketchup and “pool noodles”.

When lying down the edgy noodles do not peck, but they leave clear prints/ patterns on the skin when kneeling or lying on them. No choice, you have to smile away any pain.

Anyway, each piece that fall down, was enthusiastically nibbled by the two dogs present in the studio.  You got crazy about pasta now, here are some more shots!

However, you may have doubts about the purpose of a noodle bath, but as nutriment – and in the famous noodle-sketch of Loriot – the noodle has written cultural history.

Whether rippled, wide or narrow – the noodle is a worldwide success and will be celebrated each year on October 25th as World Pastry Day (obviously an idea of ​​the world-wide manufacturers in 1995).  The people of the world look at this food and eat tons of it every day. The noodle, which is a simple mix of flour and water, has been historically documented for immemorial times, is till today – thanks to its variety and durability – the most popular basic dish ever and has penetrated almost all cultures of the earth.

Although “pasta” is the universal vocabulary for noodles and leads from the word origin to Italy, also the Chinese claim to be the inventors of this dish. It may be that nations came up with the idea independently of each other. In 2010, archaeologists discovered 4000-year-old noodles at the Yellow River in China. The assumption that the world traveler Marco Polo brought them to Europe is, however, unlikely as well. Because noodles were already found in Greece and Italy dating back to the time of the birth of Christ. And the idea that you could dry fresh pasta for preservation, allegedly even goes back to the Egyptians.

A heart for noodles – obviously a historic story of globalization …



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